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Natalie Jean has Moved Up and Out of the Common Urban Pop Idiom into a Class of Her Own!

Produced by Alexi Von Guggenberg, the the new self-titled album by Natalie Jean offers up 12 tracks and is readily available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store,, Google Play, and various digital online store...


Jade Elizabeth Taylor Infuses Each of Her Songs With a Great Deal of Emotion

Jade Elizabeth Taylor started to record “Shades of Jade” in 2006 at Ridgetop Studios with Keith Greeninger. But that’s only the beginning of the story, as Jade herself recalls:  “Life had other plans; I developed adult...


Bigfoot Barefoot: ‘1216’ Weaves Simple and Riveting Songs That Take Hold Of You

Bigfoot Barefoot has spent more than a decade crafting music that cuts clean through. With a voice that is sometimes beatific, sometimes brazen, Bigfoot Barefoot’s songs explore themes of compassion, hope, longing, and libera...