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“Victory/More Of You”, is the double sided debut single from Antwan Jenkins, the singer, songwriter, music arranger, and composer, best known for leading and teaching God’s Purpose Choir, Divine Connection Ministries, and leader of Unified Worship in Indy. Antwan is signed with IndieBlue Music, a division of Entertainment One Nashville.

Needless to say, this recording, which clocks in at just under eight minutes, is nothing but explosive worship. Incredibly, Antwan has the ability to bring home the intimacy that is at the very heart of the Gospel message, while singing at the top of his lungs. This happens on the exuberant and high energy soar of “Victory”, which also features Amber Weston of Billboard charting gospel act, Judah Band.

With the resonance of his warm baritone, his ability to reach un-strained sky-high registers and a richness of color that is with few parallel in Gospel, gives Antwan Jenkins exactly the right sound to convey his truth, in “Victory”, as he exclaims: “Who’s got the victory? I do! Throw your Vs up!” Antwan confidently brings together a group of strong vocalists and musicians, to create a track that works both as ministry, and as art.

The song is a marvel of tight, complex musical arranging, and lushly layered melody-making. Antwan Jenkins works wonderfully with his backing vocalists, trading lines throughout the piece, and ensuring that “Victory” sticks with you for a very long time. This is a gut and soul-stirring song, with the melody moving back and forth between the voices, culminating in a rousing full-throttle Gospel experience.

The rich, uplifting, and all-embracing beauty of “More Of You”, makes it a certainty that you will be hearing this one for years to come. The song is a mid-tempo balladic masterwork that deserves mega-play. Featuring the majestic voice of Antwan Jenkins, the track also features the resonant vocal cords of D’Marcus Howard, who completes the mesmerizing effect of “More Of You”.

The praise is tender on “More Of You”, a composition that reaches out a pulls you in before you know what’s happened, with vertically-oriented lyrics and an accessible song structure that has you singing along before the track’s even half over, as if you knew it all along. Antwan Jenkins is unwavering to the purpose in his ministry, to raise awareness about the life-changing experience of walking intimately with the Lord.

The double-sided single “Victory/More Of You”, will be played over and over, because of Antwan Jenkins’ powerful and passionate vocals and because listeners can easily relate to the themes of spiritual and personal restoration heard in the lyrics. Not to mention his compelling and charismatic personality which comes forth on both the audio recordings, and the supporting visuals.

Believers will grow in faith by hearing this anointed artist and his collaborators tell the story of how God’s grace and mercy can sustain them, and fans of good music will enjoy hearing a group of artists operating at the top of their collective games on “Victory/More Of You”.


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