Arian Jones – “Protect Your Energy” ft. Bilal Abbey surrounds your senses

Arian Jones is an American artist, songwriter and producer formerly known as Hennessy Jones. Arian was featured on various group projects and singles from 2011-2016, before releasing his debut album ‘Enter The Mind’, in 2017. Since then he has been gaining his own strong, core fan-base, for his passionate, intelligent, skillful songwriting and jazzy soulful production. His latest project, is the single “Protect Your Energy” ft. Bilal Abbey which dropped officially on the 26th of January 2021. Arian Jones rifles through his influences like a deck of cards, uncannily unfolding his rapping and singing skills in a suave melodic flow that caresses the soul and tantalizes the ear.

“Protecting your energy is crucial to your mental and physical health because it is the ultimate determinant of your overall happiness,” explains the single’s footnote, giving us a clear indication of where Arian Jones aims to take us sonically. In an elegant croon that sometimes gives way to a smooth falsetto, the song narrates a series of positive and negative anecdotes related to finding a balance in life.

“Protect Your Energy” ft. Bilal Abbey is so arrestingly smooth that all of its exceptionally shaped pieces fit together as a seamless and accessible whole.  Arian Jones’ previous work introduced us to a slick songwriter with a charming presence and a gift for smart, and thoughtful wordplay, but nothing hinted at this level of finesse. Arian has taken it to the next level here.

Shimmering electric-piano notes, an understated, but throbbing bassline, and some titillating percussive pitter-patter, gracefully pushes the song’s momentum along. These elements are like delicate watercolor strokes painting a pastel backdrop on which Arian Jones and Bilal Abbey sketch powerful lyricism and vocal richness. Arian is a natural melodist, with a knack for sideways hooks.

Whatever musical horizon Arian Jones is looking for with the release of “Protect Your Energy” ft. Bilal Abbey, it is certainly a unique and elevated one. It provides a compelling, stimulating experience, as Arian reminds us that we’re just as important as everyone else that surrounds us: “Protect your soul baby. Protect your energy. Nobody’s out there. That’s worth your sanity.” If one word could summarize the song, it would be intoxicating: there is a vitalizing sensation here that is both hypnotic and immersive.

The sounds on “Protect Your Energy” ft. Bilal Abbey slide effortlessly across your aural spectrum, and even when in absolute focus though, those sounds surround your senses rather than impose on them. This often takes the single from excellence to something near brilliance. The song makes the listener look inward at their own needs and choices, instead of outward at the world. Overall the production, vocals and instrumentation on this track are beautiful.

With “Protect Your Energy” ft. Bilal Abbey, Arian Jones pushes his lush, languid sound further, and the results are just as stunning. The song is an immensely satisfying effort. To revel in the sound of “Protect Your Energy” is to revel in creative energy that flows, that envelops, that captivates.


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