Lupae Filius Releases “On A Vybe” – a tribute to the departed Ruben “Raj” Jonassen

Sebastian “Lupae Filius” Jonassen made his new single “On A Vybe” on snapchat mystory, where his followers had the opportunity to come up with ideas on how everything from the beat to the cover art would end up being. Lupae Filius made this song right after his 17 year old cousin Ruben “Raj” Jonassen lost his life (20.07.2021). Lupae Filius wanted therefore to make a tribute to Ruben in the song and on the cover.

Ruben made rap music himself, and had Lupae Filius as a producer and mentor. Ruben was widely known in Norway through snapchat where over 50 000 people watched his “mystory”. Lupae and Ruben had a very strong bond and were more like brothers than cousins.

Lupae Filius plans on making several new songs about Ruben and his life in the future. He is fully committed to his musical career and has big plans for the future, together with his girlfriend Blerta who also is an artist. Together they have a lot of exciting ongoing projects.

“On A Vybe” is set to be released on streaming platforms from the 25th of August.


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