Hanoiachi – “Unravel Me” mesmerizes the senses

Hanoiachi, the rising R&B sensation, is a multitalented artist who has a diverse range of musical expertise, including pop, jazz, classical, and electronic music. Hailing from the Philippines, she has been honing her craft since the tender age of twelve, and her passion for music has only intensified with time. As a prolific creator, she has seamlessly transitioned into various roles, including producer, rapper, and singer-songwriter. Currently signed to the independent record label Luna Records, Hanoiachi is among the label’s talented artists who receive proper management and support to reach their full potential.

Hanoiachi’s hard work and dedication to her craft paid off with the release of her debut R&B single, “What We Had.” This experimental feat highlights her exceptional talent as she singlehandedly produced every element of the track, including the mixing and mastering.

As Hanoiachi continues to make waves in the industry, her music and talent are sure to captivate audiences worldwide, much of which she unpacks on the 8-track project, “Unravel Me”. There can be no doubt this recording will gain Hanoiachi recognition for her unique sense of style and artistic vision. Her distinctive sound and creative focus ignites an intimate listening experience, which is hard to resist. It allows listeners some insight into the mind of the artist.

“Unravel Me” provides a dynamic look at Hanoiachi’s sensual honey-sweet vocal style, one which melds together the warm and familiar intonations of a number of recognizable R&B forebears, but is totally her own. Her contemplative lyricism rings with personal experiences and universal truths. At the same time the EP proves Hanoiachi’s ability to navigate modern R&B soundscapes without conforming to the pop scene’s increasingly restrictive formats.

Hanoiachi’s opens the EP with the lo-fi jazz meanderings of “Sacred Touch” – a vibrant production of shimmering pianos and reverberating horns backed by skittering percussion. She then slides in to the luscious slow burn of “Ruthless”, where the allure of her voice mesmerizes the senses. This song just takes you into another world as it has an ethereal feel to it. The vocals skate effortlessly across the sonic plane, as the production elevates Hanoiachi’s tones into the realm of sublime.

The mellifluous mastery of “Deeper Into You”, maintains the intoxicating properties of this project extremely high. Without the pressure of a purely commercially driven label behind her, the record allows for a free and relaxed approach to the project, which benefits Hanoiachi’s artistry in an extremely positive way. This relaxed fluidity spills over onto tracks like “In The Backseat”. Here Hanoiachi’s innate sultriness comes to the forefront in no uncertain terms.

With her transient falsetto and operatic harmonies, Hanoiachi spins her web of emotional frankness and evolved self-awareness on “What We Had”. From the very beginning, Hanoiachi grabs the listener by the ears and demands a thoughtful approach. “All Up On Me” is built on kinetic percussion and a wave of warm keys. The sonic vibrations coming from the music and the artist’s voice reverberates in your soul, to the point of poignancy. The song has an eclectic and calming aesthetic to it.

“I’m Yours” plays into the wheelhouse of a gently thumping beat and a focus on creating a captivating experience with strong lead vocals, memorable harmonies and a catchy chorus. The “Unravel Me” EP closes with the smartly layered instrumental track, “Lavender Scent”, which shows off Hanoiachi’s production chops. Overall, Hanoiachi creates a set of great performances, with songs that should be captivating the attention of everybody.

Instagram: hanoiachi_official
Youtube: Hanoiachi_Official
Bandlab: Jamsus
Tiktok: hanoiachi_official

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