Strap in for Liftoff – Space Owl’s “Skidoo” Launches a Cosmic Musical Odyssey

The stratosphere just got a whole lot groovier with the release of “Skidoo” by the intergalactic rock explorers known as Space Owl. Spearheaded by multi-talented guitarist/vocalist Ari Joshua on his mission to unleash 24 sizzling singles in 2024, this retro-futuristic jam takes listeners on a mind-bending voyage through funk, soul, psychedelia and classic rock realms.

“Skidoo” is a deep cut from the Space Owl vaults, a hidden gem finally getting its moment to shine over a decade after being captured. As Joshua shares, “I absolutely loved this band, the players, the memories, so happy to share this one.” The potent combination of Ari Joshua’s gravelly vocals and groove-induced licks, Bob Lovelace’s flourishing bass funking, John Ewing’s ( of Johnny and The Moles fame) polyrhythmic drum mastership, and David Appelbaum’s cosmic keyboard wanderings makes for a wildly transcendent experience.

From the opening downbeat, “Skidoo” blasts off with a propulsive swing straight out of the Band of Gypsies sessions. The riffs modulate and undulate with psychedelic sympathetic conviction, seamlessly shape shifting from gritty gutbucket downbeats to weightless atmospheric interludes. Lyrically, it’s an inspirational anthem about cutting through life’s obstacles with unflinching determination as Ari Joshua commands “Let love take flight as we light this fuse.”

Ari Joshua’s production alongside bandmates at The Music Factory is crisp and vibrant, capturing the electric live energy while allowing the individual virtuosity to shine. As he puts it, “I was waiting for someone to help me out…waiting for some sign to light the way. 2024 is a different paradigm – I’m making signs, making tracks, telling the stories.”

With “Skidoo” leading the charge, Space Owl’s wildly prolific 2024 is shaping up to be one for the ages. Having already dropped the Irish-tinged rocker “Home,” pop mind-melder “I Will Come To You” and the plaintive “Why Does Love Always Break Your Heart?”, their cosmic trek grows more bodacious with each transmission. Adjust your headset and prepare for liftoff – the Space Owls are taking flight!

“Skidoo” is available now across all major streaming platforms. The merch store at also offers the sheet music, for those daring enough to try replicating its interstellar complexities. The track also boasts the talents of engineer Johnathan Plum (London Bridge Studios), mixer Mel Detmer (Studio Soli), and mastering wizard Ed Brooks (RFI Mastering).



John Ewing with Johnny and The Moles

May 28 – Blue Moon Tavern – Seattle, WA

May 30 – SeaMonster Lounge – Seattle, WA

June 29 – Tim’s Tavern – Seattle, WA

Bob Lovelace

June 6 – Marmalade, USA

Jun 15 – Saint-prouant, France

Jun 16 – Chelles, France

Jun 18 – Ittre, Belgium

Jun 19 – Wasquehal, France

Jun 21 – Penmarc’h, France

Jun 22 – Savigny-le-temple, France

Jun 23 – Maxeville, France

Jun 25 – Saint-vulbas, France

Ari Joshua

May 22 – Seamonster Lounge – Seattle, Wa

The Suncatchers featuring Joe Doria & Ehssan Karimi


May 23 – Helping Friendly Podcast with RJ Bee and Hosts – Osiris

Ari Joshua Band

May 31 – Nectars – Burlington, VT

June 9 – TBD – New Tork, NY

June 29 – Harstine Hoopla Festival – Olympia, WA

Kris Yunker, Ari Joshua, Ben Atkind Trio dates

June 5 – Kris Yunker’s FUNK NIGHT – The Stone Church – Bratelboro, VT

June 7 – All’s Eye Trio – Art Walk – South Vermont

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