Here follows a word about the various rating systems and performance categories we utilize to ultimate our review scorecards at the Review Indie website.



The performance categories we evaluate for music reviews are

1. Production

2. Arrangement

3. Songwriting

4. Musicianship

5. Appeal

Our rating system for music singles or albums is based on percentages as follows:

0% – 20% = Poor

20% – 40% = Below Average

40% – 60% = Average

60% – 80% = Above Average

80% – 90% = Very Good

90% – 100% = Excellent




The performance categories we evaluate for music video reviews are

1. Production

2. Cinematography

3. Communication

4. Creativity

5. Music

6. Appeal

Our Rating system for music videos is based on numbers as follows:

1 – 2 =Poor

2 – 3 = Below Average

4 – 5 = Average

6 – 7 = Above Average

8 – 9 = Very Good

10 = Excellent





Here are the performance categories we evaluate on the web sites we review (with some explanation):

  • Speed. A fast-loading home page speed is critical to the success of any web site. If visitors have to wait for large graphics to download, they are likely to leave and visit another site.
  • Site purpose. The artist or organization’s products, services or goals should be immediately obvious. What type of activities does the artist or organization engage in? Who do they serve?
  • Engagement. You should be able to immediately understand the benefits or information the artist or organization offers you. Prospective buyers, fans or supporters should be able to immediately see how a relationship with the web site offers both short term and long term benefits
  • Navigation. How easy is it to locate desired information. Your ability to locate “information,” regardless whether it refers to editorial content, product or bio information, tour news, music downloads or a desired e-mail address, is of paramount importance. Information is useless if it cannot be quickly and easily located.
  • Registration. Web site success depends on providing incentives to encourage visitor e-mail registration. E-mail registration permits the web site to follow-up with visitors at a later date, using alerts or newsletters. If a web site does not attempt to capture the visitor’s e-mail address, visitors may never revisit.
  • Usability. Usability refers to ease of reading and chunking. Ease of reading is based on relatively short lines of text and freedom from distractions–like bright colored backgrounds or distracting textures. Chunking refers to breaking information into bite-sized units using short paragraphs introduced by frequent subheads. Bulleted or numbered lists also permit visitors to grasp an article’s contents at a glance.
  • Timely. How up to date is the information on the web site? Web site credibility plummets if the home page promotes an event that occurred two months ago. Web sites should be considered “works in progress” that are constantly updated if only so that they don’t bore repeat visitors.
  • Design. Is the design appropriate for the artist or organization the web site serves? Layout, colors and typefaces determine the site’s personality and image.
  • Customization. Is the site capable of delivering personalized information? Upon repeat visits, can visitors resume where they left off?
  • Technology. Is technology used appropriately, to increase the site’s information value, or is it used decoratively, in a show-off fashion? Sound, video clips and animation can either enhance or hinder communication.
  • Call to action. Does the web site encourage you to take the next step, such as request more information, join a fan club or make a purchase?
  • Community. Does the web site encourage feelings of belonging, enthusiasm and loyalty? Does it motivate you to become involved by asking a question or contributing a comment?

Our website rating system is based on the classic star system as follow:

1 star  = Poor

2 stars = Below Average

3 stars = Average

4 stars = Above Average

5 stars = Very Good





The performance categories we evaluate for music video reviews are

1. Artistic Quality ( the intrinsic artistic quality of the image, photo or illustration)

2. Texts & Fonts  (are the text and fonts readable and eye-catching?)

3. Relevance  (is the cover artwork relevant to the music or artist?)

4. Communication ( does the cover artwork convey a message or sentiment?)

5. Call To Action ( does the artwork encourage you to take the next step, such as request more information, join a fan club or make a purchase?)

Our Rating system for music videos is based on letters as follows:

F = Poor

D = Below Average

C = Average

B = Above Average

A = Very Good

A+ = Excellent


Hopefully this will help you understand what’s at the base of our review ratings.


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