Independent Performing Scorecards


Artwork Reviews

Pixies: Doolittle

This vintage-style cover art uses rust textures with strong noisy lines and faded photographs to produce an awesome result. The art is a kind of digital collage, mixing stamp lettering with photographs, textures and digital lines.

The Roots: Things Fall Apart

This cover is easily the most emotionally charged in this showcase, with a high-contrast action shot that captures a dramatic moment, fitting the album’s title well.


Bjork: Medulla

All of Bjork’s albums are photographic, and also very minimalist usually with minimal typography, if any at all. The photographs are always incredibly, as is this one, but never quite “perfect”: notice how the model (Bjor...

Jerry Goodman: Ariel

A really great piece of album art that has a superb retro feel, with a high level of noise and subtle texture.

Cuerpo Meridian: 69

This abstract piece combines analog and digital elements to produce an interesting and slightly odd cover.

Circa Survive: Juturna

This is fantastic artwork. The piece was painted at an angle that throws off all proportion, making us look at least twice (and more).

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