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Nick Nittoli From Bravo’s Platinum Hit Fame Lands A Song With Snoop Dogg

Nick Nittoli is an up and coming songwriter who has managed to have a prolific record of late. Not many lyricists are given the due recognition which they deserve but Nick is clearly working his way toward achieving his share o...


Sophis: Love or Deja Vu? (feat. Jacques Wilkens) – embraces instrumental eloquence and a genuinely joyous state of body and mind!

It truly looks as if the revival of electro and dance genres that embrace instrumental eloquence and a genuinely joyous state of body and mind is indeed going on strong in safe hands with artists like Sophis. Love or Deja Vu? (...


Natalie Jean: “Lecon D’Amour” – an immense magical musical spell!

Award-winning singer-songwriter, Natalie Jean, who also sings in English, French, Spanish and Creole, has just released her new French album “Lecon D’Amour.” In my opinion, this is a phenomenal French album ever by Natali...


Shakila: “11:11 City of love” – talent plus purity of spirit and intent!

The international Grammy Artist, Shakila, began her career when she was invited to perform on a major television show. It is here that she caught the attention of numerous producers that wanted to transition her into a profess...


David Justin: “Supernova” – The Perfectly Crafted Indie Pop Song!

If it’s true that the magnitude of an artist can also be judged by the company they keep , then David Justin is already one step ahead of the rest, glancing through the crew that’s been working on his “Supernova” projec...


Lenny Gerard: “City Feet” – a Blissful Mix of Intense Ballads and Infectious Upbeat Numbers!

Lenny Gerard is a driven, charismatic and passionate artist with a unique feel. Hailing from New York City, he managed to seize the town’s eclectic music scene. His sound showcases a lot of talent and versatility: Lenny emb...

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