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In the kaleidoscopic realm of reggae dub, where beats dance with the spirit and melodies whisper tales of the soul, Ari Joshua stands as a luminary, conducting symphonies that enthrall and enchant. His latest opus, the ‘One Dub’ EP, unfurls a sonic odyssey, inviting voyagers to plunge into its depths, to unravel the intricacies of its rhythms, and to bask in the ethereal glow of its harmonies.

Ari Joshua

At the nucleus of ‘One Dub’ lies Ari Joshua’s unwavering dedication to musical brilliance. Armed with his guitar and fueled by a boundless vision, he leads a cadre of virtuosos through a sonic pilgrimage that pays homage to the roots of reggae dub while fearlessly exploring new horizons. Recorded at the storied Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, under the meticulous guidance of engineer extraordinaire Alex Conroy, ‘One Dub’ bears witness to a convergence of talent and passion, birthing a sonic tapestry as lush as it is emotive.

Joining Ari Joshua on this mystical voyage are revered collaborators whose names resound across the music cosmos. Drum maestro John Kimock, revered for his rhythmic wizardry and set to grace the stages of legends like Phish’s Mike Gordon and Dead and Co’s Otiel Burbridge, lays down the rhythmic bedrock with an unparalleled precision and finesse.

Bass luminary Andy Hess, whose storied career spans illustrious acts like Gov’t Mule and The Black Crowes, infuses the music with a gravity and resonance that anchor the grooves in celestial beauty. And then there’s keyboard virtuoso Eden Ladin, whose musical prowess knows no bounds, weaving intricate melodies and harmonies that soar and swoop with an otherworldly grace.

Together, this formidable quartet embarks on a transcendent musical odyssey, navigating the realms of reggae dub with a sense of purpose and passion palpable in every chord. From the infectious rhythms of the titular track to the mesmerizing variations of Mell Dettmer’s studio sorcery, ‘One Dub’ stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and creativity.

Mell Dettmer’s deft remixes breathe new life into Ari Joshua’s composition, elevating them to dizzying heights of sonic ecstasy. With a keen ear for detail and an unwavering commitment to artistic vision, Dettmer proves herself to be a true maestro of the mixing desk, sculpting soundscapes that are as immersive as they are exhilarating.

The “One Dub” crew

What truly distinguishes ‘One Dub’ is Ari Joshua’s unassuming mastery of the guitar, spinning a sonic web as silky as it is evocative. This EP encapsulates a musical moment frozen in time, crystallizing the synergy of artists united by a profound connection to their craft. From the first resonant notes that ripple through the air, it’s evident that something extraordinary is unfolding—a convergence of talent, vision, and technical finesse.

Mell Dettmer’s deft remixes breathe fresh vitality into Ari Joshua’s composition, propelling them to dizzying heights of sonic euphoria. With an acute ear for detail and an unwavering devotion to artistic integrity, Dettmer emerges as a true maestro of the mixing desk, sculpting soundscapes that ensnare the senses with their immersive allure.

Also contributing to this sonic odyssey is mixer Jonathan Plum, whose inventive flair infuses each track with a sense of depth and dimensionality. From the revered halls of London Bridge Studios, Plum channels a wealth of experience and expertise into shaping sounds that enrapture and envelop. Rounding out this ensemble is the creative genius of Blase, aka Reberlan Paresqui, whose evocative artwork graces the cover of “One Dub,” providing a visual counterpart to the sonic landscapes within.

For Ari Joshua, ‘One Dub’ transcends mere remixes—it stands as a testament to a lifetime devoted to the pursuit of musical excellence. Hailing from the vibrant cityscape of Cape Town, South Africa, and nurtured in the embrace of America, Joshua infuses his compositions with a global perspective, imbuing them with a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

As the visionary behind The Music Factory—a beacon of musical education that has touched countless lives—Ari Joshua is committed to sharing his passion for music with the world. With ‘One Dub,’ he extends an open invitation to join him on a voyage through the kaleidoscopic tapestry of reggae dub, where rhythm reigns supreme and melody holds court.

Dive headlong into the intoxicating embrace of “One Dub” when it makes its grand debut on streaming platforms worldwide on May 10th, 2024.




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