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Brombones:”‘The Sun Never Shines On The Poor” Hit Hard and True!

Brombones’ re-imagining of Richard and Linda Thompson’s song ‘The Sun Never Shines on the Poor’ began in the summer of 2011 when Elias Crabtree played it on acoustic guitar for his brother Jeremy Crabtree at Jeremy’...


JANG: Double Video Release And New Album!

“Jang” is a project by music artist Nick Stanifer from Sacramento, CA and that’s already a guarantee of extremely free spirited and eventful music. Jang have just released a double video featuring the songs, ...


Sierra Hurrt – Hurt(u): A Love Lesson

On reviewing Sierra Hurrt’s latest album Stranger, Rick Jamm had this to say:  And talking specifically about this song, he continued: “Hurt (u)” is the song I wasn’t expecting, and it is quite definitely the mos...

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