Strangers Of Necessity – “Abundance” – a quiet but assured brilliance

Every once in a while, there comes a track that arrives out of the left field and takes people by surprise. One that can prematurely declared an instant classic and actually lives up to the title. I love all types of music, but my taste is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that the single, “Abundance” by Midwest duo Strangers Of Necessity, will be considered great years from now. The track speaks to a generation of people struggling to prosper and find harmony, in a confusing, stressful modern environment. The duo bring forth their mindset and experiences, with immaculate flow and clever wordplay. The smooth sounds and production quality employed are top quality. Many would consider this track to be an exercise in positive, conscious rap.

“Abundance” is an unassuming reinterpretation of classic hip-hop sounds through the lens of everyday life themes and beyond by Strangers Of Necessity. There is a raw vulnerability and introspection on the track that makes it an enduring listen.

The duo show a rare talent for capturing personal thoughts and making them themes relatable to a global public. While the track’s sincere, grounded approach resonates throughout, that perspective is perhaps most evident here. They go from cashing checks to spreading love, and creamed pussy to metaphorical mythology, each line resonating strongly.

Together, prolific producer, CoryaYo and veteran lyricist, Fooch the MC, aka Strangers Of Necessity, were able to craft something truly special, with a timeless feel. CoryaYo’s production is very much steeped in the boom bap sound of hip-hop’s Golden Era, yet it all feels fresh and modern.

His mix is effective and complementary, never getting in the way of the duo’s easily discernible voices and narrative. The beat is dripping with jazzy soul and absolutely knocks on speakers that can handle it, if you turn the volume up to 11.

In today’s mumble music climate, there is clearly a demand from hip-hop heads, for the kind of nuanced, narrative that Strangers Of Necessity are sharing. The magic of “Abundance” is it’s quiet but assured brilliance, the way it turns the seemingly mundane into the sublime.

Delivered completely without any sense of gloss or pretense, Strangers Of Necessity’s raps leave no distance between themselves and the listener. No matter the subject or what they’re saying, Fooch the MC and CoryaYo are always at ease here, never over-extending themselves. CoryaYo’s production is extremely consistent; there’s never a weak moment, or one that separates itself from what’s going on in the narrative.

It is a clear reminder that Strangers Of Necessity have outstanding chemistry, and both components are able to play to the strengths of the other to perfection. The beat is extremely refined, making every subsequent listen very rewarding, and what this brings to the track is a cohesive chilled-out vibe. “Abundance” can without doubt be considered as a very high point of underground Hip-Hop.


More About Strangers Of Necessity:

Fooch is a seasoned lyricist raised on the South side of Chicago. Now residing in SE Iowa, Fooch has made a name for himself on the spread out music scene. From being the frontman for Hip-Hop band Purple Asteroid Cadillac and releasing mixtapes, and opening for the likes of Ras Kas, RA the Rugged Man, Sage Francis and GZA from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, Fooch has become a staple in the Iowa Hip-Hop community. Fooch has also worked with some extremely talented artists/musicians and has featured on tracks with GLC, Naledge, Black Milk and Vic Spencer, to name a few.

CoryaYo is a blossoming, versatile producer and visual artist living in the Chicagoland area. Originally from Spencer, Iowa, Cory has honed his own unique sound, creating a cult online following through several well received instrumental projects including a few collaborative projects along the way with the likes of Bria Ariel, Blookah, Wun Two and Walterwarm. In the midst of forming Blue World Records and making a name for himself on the Chicago beat scene, Cory has also produced music for artists including Audio Push, Bria Ariel, Alo Lee, Jim Swim, Jetson, Chester Watson and G-Eazy.

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