3Alphas Bring Classic R&B Back With Their “Dysfunction” Project!

Three friends with powerful voices and different backgrounds have joined forces with an ambitious new mission of bringing R&B back to its former glory. Consisting of Corbin, T3, and Mr. Wes, the group is known as 3Alphas. Officially formed in October 2019 and leaving an unforgettable impression ever since, they look to take the world by storm with their forthcoming debut EP, “Dysfunction”. Featuring 13 tracks of soulful music, 3Alphas aim to restore nostalgia as they provide smooth harmonies, uniqueness and impeccable swagger throughout the project.

Witnessing R&B’s drastic change over the years, 3Alphas believe that the formula from the 90s era of R&B that gave us so many classics is needed today. After causing a stir this past summer with “Good Tyme”, the trio is confident that “Dysfunction” will be the project to remember for years to come.

Initially meeting during their college years at the University Of Arkansas, the members of 3Alphas solidified a brotherhood after becoming members of the prestigious Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Raised in Dallas, Texas, Portland, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. respectively, Corbin, T3, and Mr. Wes each found success as solo artists, but made their debut as a group in December

2019 with the Christmas classic, “Mary, Did You Know?”. Receiving great feedback from the release they followed up with their official debut single, “Please Come Help Me”, which quickly put them on the radar across the country. Having respect for the true elements of R&B, 3Alphas are dedicated to going above and beyond, bringing real music back to your speakers.

3Alphas’ debut LP, “Dysfunction” has been available on all digital music streaming platforms since November 17, 2020. In addition to the LP, the trio plan to release a holiday album in December. To stay up to date with 3Alphas, follow them on Twitter at @AlphasOfficial3, on Instagram at @Official3Alphas, and on Facebook at @3Alphas. Visit their Website: www.threealphas.com

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