Artem Cithara (ft. Janet A) – “Keep The Balanze” sets the EDM template on fire!

When we talk about the EDM greats, we can talk about a whole lot of producer names; but I think that once you have heard his music, we can all agree that Artem Cithara (producer, composer) can be added to that list. The master of big club anthems is back with a new track, and a new collaboration. “Keep The Balanze”, which features Janet A (vocals, lyrics and melody) really make a statement that Cithara is a perfectionist at his work and has really set the standard and his mark by once again choosing an outstanding collaboration.

Janet A

Much like Artem Cithara’s previously released anthems like “Sunshine”, “Miracles”, and “Stand Beside You”, “Keep The Balanze” is capable of bringing back that sense of wonder that you felt when you first experienced the joy that is dance music. Whether you’re a die-hard Cithara fan or you’re listening to his music for the first time, you can’t help but acknowledge “Keep The Balanze” as being undeniable for what it is.

“Keep The Balanze” is 21st-century up-tempo dancefloor banger music that’s so expansive and far-reaching it outgrows its very genre, unable to be contained within the pop music enclosure. Much of the praise must go to Janet A, whose stylized soaring vocals and catchy, uplifting melody does plenty to set this EDM template on fire. She is an example of a well-balanced songstress who can sing a song that makes you want to dance, and that makes you want to feel.

In this troublesome time, if you want music as a distraction right now, you have to listen to this album. None of us know what the 2020’s have in store but at least there is hope for a revitalization of dance and pop music, judging by what Artem Cithara and Janet A bring to the table with “Keep The Balanze”. This single is ready to give its audience a euphoria that promises to see them through the whole of the New Year.

Artem Cithara

Artem Cithara has grown his reputation over the last few years with a collection varied singles. Not only does “Keep The Balanze” serve as a defining document in Cithara’s rich catalog, but it stands as a totemic release of EDM/Pop crossover. At the turn of the new decade, this single feels like an effort to define a specific musical moment in time for Cithara.

It helps that Artem Cithara has a penchant resonating synthesizers. It’s not the only tool in his instrument bank, but it gives the song its powerful backbone. They swell, they excite, they harmonize, and they push the momentum and tone under Janet A’s scorching lead vocal. The result is a bombastic anthem, layered, and transcendent enough in its arrangement, to merit all the hype it will receive.

Artem Cithara doesn’t deal in subtleties. Rather, every move he makes is a grand gesture, building towards a larger vision, and “Keep The Balanze” serves as a fantastic introduction to the talents of Janet A. It is also a masterclass, showcasing the work of one of the most interesting producers in the game.

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