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Formed in 2014 during a friends recording session, the power rock trio of Heavy AmericA, is made up of Michael T. Seguin (lead vocals, guitar), Budd Lapham (bass, vocals) and Dan Fried (drums, vocals). They released their self-titled debut EP in 2015, followed by two singles in 2016, “Up For Air” and “Full Load Amps”, which led the their full length album “Now” in 2017. The next two years saw the releases of “Easy Killer” and “Motor Honey (Peace)”, while the band continued to collect music awards, feature on radio stations, and successfully string together live shows. During the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, Heavy AmericA released the single “If You Care” – a song about depression, isolation and not giving up hope, which garnered a number of streams on Spotify.

Now with shows on hold, Heavy AmericA still intend on making 2021 a busy year for the band. Working with renowned nation radio promoter Matthew Ulanoff (Mercury, Maverick, Isotopia Records/ Concord Music Group), they embarking on a national radio campaign, and have kicked off the new year with the release of the politically charged rocker “Generation Lame”. The mid-tempo pace of the track allows for it to naturally build momentum and intensity, and then break down before rebuilding again through the band’s strong songwriting.

“Generation Lame”, is a song driven by a riff that feels equally inspired by Jimi Hendrix as it is by Led Zeppelin. As a whole, each member of the band shines as an individual, and as a tight unit on this track, but it is worth pointing out that guitarist Michael T. Seguin’s lead riff and solo motifs are absolutely fantastic.

What must be said about Heavy AmericA, is that despite how sonically, and inspired they may be by legendary bands of the golden, classic and alternative rock eras, they truly flex their own songwriting and performance abilities across this track. But then that should come as no surprise, as the band has been turning out great original material for some time now.

“Generation Lame” stands as one of their most unique tracks and an example of their songwriting at its strongest – crunching riffs, a raw but sophisticated arrangement, a building progression, great breakdowns, and roaring vocals elevate this song above the rest. The conscious lyrics and potent messages do the rest to certify the song’s impacting excellence.

For all Heavy AmericA has accomplished since 2014, “Generation Lame” is perhaps the band’s greatest achievement. Not simply for its musical quality, but for the fact that this single arrives during one of the world’s most difficult times – politically, socially and salutary. None of which intimidate the band, who tackle the American socio-political climate head on.

Rarely will a rock band quite like Heavy AmericA arrive on the scene with a track like “Generation Lame”. They put their own fresh stamp on hard-edged classic rock, reminding us what the genre was actually intended to be. In our current era, there’s probably only a handful of bands, both able and willing to do that with passion.


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