Ronaldo Ca$h – “Freestyle” – a potent and subtly charismatic rapper

New York-born Ronaldo Ca$h is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Owner of the Ca$h Crew MGT brand and label, the Newburgh underground artist has been gaining a significant following, as well as stirring up interest from mainstream players. Ca$h, who grew up on  Tupac and 50 cent, as well as the R&B hits, has already released a number of successful singles, while hinting towards the release of his debut EP “Humble Enough To Grow”,  scheduled to drop in 2021. Despite being independent, the artist is in constant pursuit of innovative ways to elevate his talent and brand.

Currently making waves, is his single “Freestyle” – a slow-burning melodic banger, draped in a soulful production, and awash with intricate wordplay. Ronaldo Ca$h has become an increasingly versatile rapper, one who can navigate lush, lively backdrops with the same ease he populates futuristic grooves or smooth chilled beats. With the gloss of the former and the warm of the latter, and it should be no surprise that he handles it all like a pro.

Ronaldo Ca$h

Ronaldo Ca$h is the star of his own show and he handles the spotlight well. The more you listen to him rap, the more he sounds like nobody else around, and this short-but-sweet single project is a reminder that nothing else hits quite right when you’re craving this slow-burn sound. You might not have heard of Ronaldo Ca$h before, but remember the name, because very you soon will be hearing it often.

Garnering critical acclaim and building a fan-base, it’s surprising this man is not getting the props he deserves faster than he already is. It would take a certain amount of stupidity not to notice that Ca$h has an impressive flow. “Freestyle” has lavish, soulful, almost cinematic instrumentation, as Ronaldo Ca$h switches between an insistent, breathless flow, and a more dreamlike spoken-word interludes. There’s a real passion in the way he delivers the song.

Amongst other personal experience anecdotes, Ronaldo Ca$h elaborates on how difficult it gets when people expect you to perform and succeed, in life and in music, when all the odds are stacked against you, in every way.

When you spend time listening to the story this song tells, the sense that all efforts to make changes and restore some self-awareness logic into your grind starts to make a lot more sense. And with that realization, comes a much deeper appreciation of the “Freestyle”.

Ronaldo Ca$h is an emcee with serious chops, not just a potent and subtly charismatic rapper. On “Freestyle”, he proves himself as both a thoughtful and impacting presence who is able to push forward his game plan with poise and consideration.

You’ll find some of the most well-considered bars and verses you’ll hear in 2021, in this track, and the production does a fantastic job matching it, to create ridiculously smooth, and powerful vibes.

Ronaldo Ca$h is a very likeable guy, as a rapper and as a presence behind the microphone. His voice has the collected heft of a man who could unleash all hell if he wanted to, but at the same time it’s soothing and melodic, making him a potent presence.


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