OHENE – “456” – a genuinely sensational work of art!

We are currently living in an era of uncertainty, and the future is in question. Some of the trivial things in life don’t seem as important as they did not so long ago, and we continue to place further space between each other in an already socially distant culture. For some reason, music has always been a catalyst in bringing people back together, and that statement still holds true today. On the 25th of January, American born actor and musician, Ohene Cornelius, simply known as OHENE, will release his brand new single, “456” – produced by Japanese creative Sigi – across all major music platforms. And once again we’ll all have that common stimulant of hearing great music.

For those still unaware of this versatile talent, OHENE has been seen on the big screen (Kick Ass, Zenith), on the small screen (Blindspot, Person of Interest), on the internet (blackandsexytv), and important music venues/festivals (SXSW, Santos, A3C).

Recently he has been working on musical philanthropic efforts and collaborating with numerous indie and mainstream artists, starting the comedy showcase “Smokes and Jokes Comedy”, being a father, and maintaining his own lifestyle and clothing brand, called Harlem River Yacht Club.

Freshly off his critically acclaimed concept album, “Revolutionary Ratchet”, OHENE is set to release “456” – as we mentioned previously – on January 25th, which occurs a day after the first event of 2021, for Harlem River Yacht Club. “This is one of the first songs I’ve written and recorded since deciding to challenge myself to not physically write or type my bars,” explained OHENE. “It took me 20 mins to figure out the hook, and 2 weeks to record,” he continued. “A track meant for hustlers, it’s a song about focus and the come up while still finding love,” concluded the artist.

All of OHENE’s supporters, including myself, understand the cerebral nature of his creativity. A quick listen to his previous releases, will document his overall musical ingenuity, his singular focused vision, and his unrelenting passion to connect and impart the messages contained within his narratives. On “456”, the Harlem, New York musician, and singer-songwriter, not only maintains all of those prerogatives, he unequivocally reinforces them.

Physical attraction is both a gift and a curse, depending on how you play the game. As with many things in life, one must learn to navigate across the good with the bad, and not let any outside forces affect your judgement and vision.

Cold as ice, OHENE dominates his game of love in “456”, while also unfolding the aspirations of his grind. “We done took trips. I’m the man and shit. Now U come around all demanding shit. Girl I’m taking off on the landing strip,” he rhymes, over an insistently funky beat.

OHENE taps into his prowess as both a rapper and a singer, as he also lays down the sticky mellifluous hook: “Roll that dice like 4 5 6. Do it on the corner for love.” Some aspects of the narrative are brutally honest, and are tempered by ones of aspiration and inspiration.

This is what keeps the track spell-binding, illuminating and totally honest. Beyond the awe of it all, “456” truly showcases OHENE’s talents as a writer, rapper, and singer.



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