“Joy Have It” – BlackLight continues to impress as his repertoire of releases has no boundaries!

BlackLight continues on an upward trend of releases, as he has dropped one of his grooviest tracks to date. “Joy Have It” delivers a raw house sound that is reminiscent of the 2000s. The repeating, infectious, and groove-inducing bassline loop sits perfectly on top of pristine percussion that will have you moving. A perfect DJ tool for any dancefloor, “Joy Have It” has a soul-like vocal phrase that adds personality to the track. The tribal drums radiate uninhibited energy as they contrast the production seamlessly. BlackLight continues to impress as his repertoire of releases has no boundaries when it comes to creativity in the electronic music realm. “Joy Have It” is the perfect track to add a little groove to your day. Already landing at #1 on Housecharts.net’s Tribal House Chart, the release is now available on all digital streaming platforms.


BlackLight is an upcoming electronic dance music producer, songwriter, and performer based out of Omaha, Nebraska that has an insatiable passion for creating and performing all types of electronic dance music.

BlackLight is an avid dancer and lover of good vibes, and approaches songwriting, producing, and performing from this perspective. He does his best to deliver good feels, good vibes, PLUR (Peace Love Unity & Respect) vibes, and dance-ability in each of his creations and performances.

BlackLight’s recent releases include “Euro House Groove (Original Mix)”, “Everything Will B Fine (Original Mix),” “Blowfish (Original Mix),” and “Rollin (Original Mix)” which recently landed at #1 on Housecharts.net’s January 2021 Top Ten chart.

Some of his other popular releases include “Touch the Stars (Original Mix), “Listen 2 Your Mind (Original Mix)”, “Bass is Pumpin (Original Mix),” and “Feels (Original Mix)” to name a few. All are examples of Blacklight’s current and evolving sonic and kaleidoscopic vision, and style. In addition, he owns and operates his own record label (Plurred Vision Records) which he currently releases his music under.

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Purchase Links: Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/joy-have-it/3273269
Amazon Music: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VDXBV9L/ref=ap_ws_tlw_trk7

Streaming Links: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2id3830bbr5a6arrineIQ2?si=Pg56Z4UrTnutJrkrOiPuYg
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/tt/album/joy-have-it-single/1551269460

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