Philly Blocks ft. CinoFresh – “Movies” carries the charisma and skill necessary to leave a lasting impact

Nowadays rappers are everywhere, but only a select few of them are the real deal. Philly Blocks seem like he is on his way to the top tier listings of his craft – or at least he should be. The Louisville, KY rapper Philly Blocks comes together his fellow Team 563 artist, Cino Fresh on the track “Movies”, taken off the “Mr. 17th EP” project, and they blow it through the roof. This marks my first time listening to a project by the rapper, but what is striking is just how electrifying Philly Blocks is. Here, the rapper’s flow and resonant tone stands out in particular, as he raps with ease, showcasing agile, biting rhymes.

Cino Fresh is no slouch, maintaining the consistency and atmospheric energy level of the track, set by Philly Blocks. The production provides a phenomenal, hard-nosed but expansively cinematic backdrop, which these two guys naturally slaughter. Philly Blocks isn’t outshined in the least by the production, serving as the force that makes “Movies” the superb record that it is. Following an adlib intro, he unveils the dramatically glorious verse that slaps the first time you hear it.

And it doesn’t stop there as CinoFresh continues to bring the heat on his verse, referencing the struggles of life’s grind and hustle. “Movies” is exactly what you think it is – a gut-busting street-talk anthem. Whereas the mainstream is littered with overused sounds and styles, it’s the underground, and artists like Philly Blocks that still deliver distinctiveness and classic rawness.

And even when Philly Blocks is dealing with the genre’s well-worn themes and topics, it’s the authentic way in which it’s done that makes a difference.  “Movies” is once again proof that underground music is preferable to mainstream bullshit. Blocks is one of the few that’s establishing himself as a unique voice in a rap scene that increasingly values playlist-ready mundanity.

That’s not to say “Movies” is not catchy. On the contrary, it will wrap its luscious sound around your ears in no time. But it does so with real rapping skills and hard-hitting bars, not novelty gimmicks and studio trickery. The Louisville emcee rides the beat with such a confident intensity. Again, the way his flow relentlessly impacts on “Movies” is pretty incredible, with this track in particular demonstrating his stylistic diversity and energy as an emcee.

“Movies” is a single and video release, featuring Philly Blocks at his most focused. The street poet drops intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics onto an energetic production across a spellbinding track, resulting in a thrilling project from one of underground hip hop’s more interesting prospects.

In an era where rappers are simply dispensable pop stars and longevity is far from guaranteed, “Movies” solidifies Philly Blocks’ ambition to rise above the noise. He carries the charisma and skill necessary to leave a lasting impact. If this track isn’t in your rotation, you’re sleeping.

You should also check out the entire “Mr. 17th EP” project HERE. Also stay in touch with Team 563 Boss Philly Blocks via Twitter/IG @phillyblocks, and Cino Fresh on Twitter @Cinofresh and IG @Cinofresh1.

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