Remix Penguin create music the entire family enjoys that stays true to God’s Word

Our mission is to create Bible music for kids that parents don’t (secretly) tire of hearing. Our foundation: We will do anything short of sin to seek the lost and sharpen the saved. Our Goals to get our music heard by more people and played in churches. To help us raise money for some of the other albums we want to produce like our Latin/Spanish album and our EDM album. We also plan on doing books of the Bible album that tell the stories of the Bible in a hip hop/rhythmic way.

Phase three is to create a Bible curriculum accompanied by scripture verses and themed songs to create a fun, movement-oriented, imaginative way to learn God’s Word and KEEP it in children’s memories for LIFE. Create music the entire family enjoys that stays true to God’s Word.

Who We Are: Hello my name is Jeremy Hernandez! PS: Meet my son Jayvyn and my wife Jenna aka The “J” Clan! We want to welcome you to our adventure. It all started when one of my relatives gave my son a stack of CDs of Bible songs. We put them in the truck and my son said very politely “can we turn this off? I don’t like it.” So we went back to listening to Andy Mineo. That’s when he said: “Hey daddy you should rap one of the Bible songs.” So for fun we made one song. Nearly 67,000 plays later in under 6 weeks… and a few more songs under the belt: We know we’ve stumbled onto something special.


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