Em – “Hear Your Love” is slick, with a domineering depth that leaves one spellbound

It was hard not to be swayed into Em’s sweet and charming nature. From last year’s single, “Say What You Mean”, she brought a sense of bright hopefulness to the table. Her tender and melodic delivery was the solid base of her skillset. Paired with the layers of harmony, her subtle but nuanced approach pulled listeners into a dreamlike state. She has remained consistent to that beautifully striking production by playing upon her original ingredients on her latest single, “Hear Your Love”. In giving romantics a soundtrack to fantasize to, Em maintains the fairytale emotion that appeared to be fleeting in modern R&B and Soul.

As a polished and packaged images go, Em chooses a much deeper route. Her storytelling is vividly serene, consistently calming and insightful, as she exudes a strong presence of pride and self-reliance in a world filled with vanity. She fearlessly creates music surrounding her true inner thoughts and ideas. If there’s one thing listeners can always experience and expect from Em, is that her art continues to be filled with honesty, love and depth.

And so it is on “Hear Your Love”. Her direct and refined vocals are a refreshing listening option in a time where electronic and digitized effects take precedence. Em’s vocal methods bring an eloquently cultivated presence to the song. She owns the ability to bridge her distinctive sound with an up to the moment musical concept. She sounds absolutely stunning on this single as she her voice becomes one with the instrumental backing.

“Hear Your Love” proves that Em isn’t just a pretty face with a great voice, she’s a masterful storyteller. As she narrates a tale concerning two lovers – eternally united no matter whether they may be physically apart, or even separated by lifetimes.

Free of major label dictation, Em is better off because she is able to play to her own artistic sensibilities. Awesome breathe control and agile phrasing are the hallmarks of Em’s technique, as she comfortably rides a banging beat.

A gentle spirit and a tender heart, with powerhouse vocals, shines throughout “Hear Your Love”. Em tells her story of love, bringing passion and emotion to the music. She captures the classic, piano-driven sound that continues to draws fans in, regardless of genre.

She backs it up with a slapping drum beat and then injects an intoxicating melody into the arrangement. The production work is firmly planted in the urban and adult contemporary styles, where it has already broken into the Billboard Charts, debuting at #26.

Slickly produced, “Hear Your Love” is modern, yet possesses classic cues as well.  Anyone with a heart and a memory of love, could blast this track without skipping a beat. The lyrics are relatable enough to let the emotion spill out of the speakers and stand on their own. Moreover, there is a graceful and soulful uniqueness to Em’s vocals that make her a timeless talent. Her style is slick, with a domineering depth that often leaves one spellbound, and her songs on replay.

As with all of Em’s songs, she has prepared an epic video for “Hear Your Love”. “My family is from Russia so I’m taking it back to the mid and late 1800s, where my mother country began to boom in the arts – our ‘romantic’ era. The setting is a castle with referential elements such as a music box, a balalaika (3-string instrument), sheet music by the great composer Glinka and a book of poetry by Pushkin,” explains Em.

What should have been just another single to grab your attention and tell a story, turns into a heartfelt piece of music due to the performing and writing passion Em exudes in every song she releases.


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