How Yhun Ketti Makes Way From The Post-Pandemic Club Bangers

Yhun Ketti comes with a new vintage sound hit “Gotta Stay Down.” Now he’s ready to take on the summer with more to follow up with.

As of now seems like the clubs are safely coming back to full surface, Yhun Ketti is up next. He’s coming with something unique and plans to create a pattern in the future for now. Releasing next single “Gotta Stay Down” after the last song “Hard Bodied” seems to be a bit cleverly raunchy and catchy hook.

The track is about everything you want out of a club banger. It’s playful and filthy and Ketti before making music for the ladies has a distinct knack for an almost soulful kind of melody. Yhun Ketti born Rontez Jackson, was raised in Peoria, IL and counts the city’s luminaries and inspiration. Since a kid he was always around musicians and producers and was also inspired by Peoria’s legendary producers “Tim & Bob.”

With his latest, “Gotta Stay Down”, Yhun Ketti is firmly tapped into what people want to move to. As the world slowly re-opens and Ketti’s club anthems plan to gain more streams, He plans to give us more hits so we can expect some good music coming out of 2021.




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