CellarHouse – “You Give Me Everything” is available on all platforms!

They don’t do social media, they’re genre confusing and they hate having their picture taken. Surely this isn’t a good idea for a new band launch? Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, meet the enigmatic CellarHouse (kind of). Spanning the transatlantic, finding out just who’s behind CellarHouse, can be quite an exhaustive process.  Hailing from three countries: USA, UK and Spain this deep-house outfit are probably the most mysterious bunch of individuals you’d ever wish to meet.

CellarHouse are the house band for the True Blockhouse label. These musicians aren’t your average teen wannabes – they’ve been around the block.  They’re highly respected young session musicians, singers and a writer/producer, who have worked for A-listers everywhere!

But right now, this is their moment and whilst they don’t want to deflect or reflect the megastars they work with, this is their moment to demonstrate their passion for deep dark house. And they’re loving it.

British clubbers took note of them in November of last year when The Urban Mods remixed their Dark Light track and gave it the Drum and Bass treatment.

Their last release, Should Have Been, a Latin inspired deep house track; brought them to the attention of DJ’s worldwide and inspired them to break away from their session gigs and see where this musical collaboration might lead.

Their new single, You Give Me Everything, is an electro-house take on the 80’s electronic scene. A pulsating beat, brooding synths and a vocal hook that’s super infectious.

Vocalist PJ picks up the story ‘We just found ourselves jamming in the studio one day and instantly connected. We’re all pretty deep when it comes to the artistry in making music and we’re not really interested in the froth that fame and recognition brings. We don’t care about the money – I mean, does anyone make a cent any more from releasing tracks?! We just enjoy that studio vibe, exorcise our inner demons and let it rip for the clubbers’

But, whilst deep house and dark synths are mostly their thing, expect something different from their forth-coming album Hard Times as it mixes dark house, chill, funk and synthwave to produce a genre busting fusion of pure class.

I’ve listened to the rough mix of their album and trust me when I say, people will be hunting this group for some gigs and remixes. But I’ll leave the last word to PJ: ‘People will find the music! If it’s good enough – it’ll travel.  If not, we’ve had a really good time in the process and cemented some lifetime friendships.  That’s gotta be good enough right?’

Exciting times around the corner for this unique transatlantic band. Good luck tracking them down though. CellarHouse are: Jezz:  keys & production, Fahia & BJ: vocals, Rafael: bass guitar, Odili: backing vocals, Manuel & Ted: sax & horns. You Give Me Everything is available on all platforms.

Stream & Download here:


Connect with CellarHouse through trueblockhouse.com





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