James Worthy Set To Drop “Tick Tock” ft. Big Gipp on 8/13!

New York is the “Concrete Jungle” where dreams are made. Hip Hop is the New York birthed culture that was the catalyst for other regions to follow suit as they took note of the pulse in the city. The atmosphere of New York reeks of grind, hustle, energy, and it’s the history of the city that captivates you to rise. James Worthy is another Phoenix from that rise. Being a product of New York automatically gives you a distinct DNA that’s filled with determination to succeed. Not coming from a very musical family, his introduction to several genres of music sparked his interest in song making which led to him studying well known musicians, and songwriters.

A young impressionable James began his musical journey at age 11 with having the pleasure of meeting the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson backstage at Webster Hall. One of his fondest memories of that experience was Mr Jackson telling him that he would one day be influential in the entertainment industry. The Jackson co-sign secured the young star’s passion for music, and a destiny fulfilled.

James later cemented his footprint in the music industry as a Record Producer, and Songwriter. His resume, and discography speaks volumes towards his versatile approach in production style, and artist selection within all genres. As he continued to work The 3X Grammy Nominated Musician had the pleasure of working with artists such as Justin Bieber, 6LACK, Truth Hurts, Bobby Brown, Fetty Wap, PM Dawn, DJ Luke Nasty, Lil Zane, Jhonni Blaze, Asian Doll, Robin S, and countless others.

In 2017, James Worthy stepped out of his producer chair, and entered the booth as a Recording Artist. Every artist has a story to tell; how you weave your tale is what’s going to set you apart from the rest. James writes from the heart with authenticity; a reminder for everyone who embodies unconditional love, harmony, unity, and diversity.

James’s song choices are R&B infused with reality mantras that are intricately woven by the musical arrangement as his smooth vocals are cemented in memory for feel good moments, and sing-along. His first foray as an Artist was part of the duo Kings X2. Their debut single “Wine for Me” hit #10 on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart.

Shortly after the groups departure he released his solo debut EP “Blu Leisure” January 11, 2019 which ignited his marquee as a solo act with the hit single “Move” featuring “Ecstacy” of the rap group Whodini. The song went on to chart #100 on the DRT Global Radio Chart, and amassed 1 Million Streams.

As of 2020, James Worthy released his Sophomore EP “Kaleidoscopes” which was Co-Executive produced by PM Dawn. The project includes Featured Guests Artists by Ray Lavender, Ruff Endz, Drag-On, Truth Hurts, & Jillisa Lynn. James will be touring regionally with special guests to be announced along with tour dates.

STREAM “Tick Tock” ft. Big Gipp HERE:https://promo.theorchard.com/2bjRtCXAakUjSJvARs8h


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