Ashwi I is among the world’s best-selling and most influential indie music artists

Ashwi I, pronounced (Uh-Sh-Why-The-First)(born October 22, 1984) is an American/Trinidadian descent musician, singer, songwriter, choreographer, actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He first gained recognition by starring in the revised television series FAME with Debbie Allen: Fame series (2003); pursuing a career in music, after appearing on the series he later on left to further pursue his dreams of becoming a recording artist. That pursuit led Ashwi I to work as back up for artists such as Ashanti, Usher, Chris Brown, Fergie, Shaggy, The Roots, Craig David and many others. As an actor he has appeared on the HBO series “THE NIGHT OF” and the AMAZON movie “Finding Her”.

As a Singer/songwriter he was able to write for up and coming indie artists as well as tour and choreograph. Ashwi I had been writing original songs since the age of 6. In 2020 he finally had the opportunity of signing with indie label HRDRV, which is headed by the very talented singer/songwriter Michaela Shiloh. Ashwi I released his debut studio album “The Introduction ” in 2020, which made it on the US Billboard 200. Ashwi I achieved major critical success with several singles off of “The Introduction ” Bus Pass (2020), and commercial success with the single “Another Political Song” (2020) which speaks to the injustices going on in the Black community.

This song not only took the Billboard by storm but it came at a time where the death of George Floyd and political and racial injustice was at an all-time high. The song allowed Ashwi I to crossover to a whole new market and audience that was once closed off to the idea of what was being endured in the Black community and this song was used to bridge that gap. The success of the single “Another Political Song” and his album as a whole “The Introduction”, Ashwi I was nominated for Hrdrv ALBUM OF THE YEAR (2020) As an entrepreneur, Ashwi I founded Ashwi Entertainment where he creates music, songs, and choreography for every level of industry.

TV Shows, Recording Artist, Award Shows, Weddings and Corporate events. Ashwi I is among the world’s best-selling and most influential indie music artists, with over 25 years of stage and TV experience as well as records sold along with millions of streams worldwide, Ashwi I is ranked as the one of the highest-certified digital streaming artist in the United States by the RIAA. He has won countless Awards, HRDRV nominations, a record 2020 Stream Music Award, and two AE Awards.


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