Rooby Man – “Wa gentan konnen” brings his creativity and ingenuity to bear

Rooby Man Releases New Single – “Wa gentan konnen” Award-winning pop artist and music producer, Rooby Man, announces the release of a new song titled “Wa gentan konnen” Rooby Man is again looking to deliver an amazing listening experience to lovers with the release of “Wa gentan konnen”, a delightful song that is a fusion of the much-revered afrobeat and hip hop. The new song has already started to generate a lot of buzzes, as fans of the Haitian pour in rave reviews for the project. The track is a reiteration of Rooby Man’s commitment to using his musical talent as a tool to inspire millions of people in different parts of the world.

“I want people to be inspired when they talk about me,” Rooby Man said. Despite music taking many shapes and forms in recent times, afrobeat remains one of the most exciting genres at the moment. Rooby Man, in his new song “Wa gentan konnen” explores afrobeat infusion with hiphop. So far the song has racked up hundreds of views on YouTube alone, with many commending the quality of the beat and lyrics. Rooby Man brings his creativity and ingenuity to bear in the new single, offering an amazing blend of thought-provoking and entertaining lyrics.

“Wa gentan konnen” is deservedly getting a lot of attention from listeners due to its powerful lyrics, as Rooby Man uses his mastery of storytelling skills to take listeners on an amazing journey. “Wa gentan konnen” is currently available across all major platforms, where it has continued to enjoy massive streaming. For more information about “Wa gentan konnen” and other projects from Rooby Man, get in contact via Rooby’s social media pages: Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

About Rooby Man: Rooby Man is a talented musician from Haiti who is determined to leave a lasting imprint on the music industry. He arrived in the United States of America with no knowledge of the English language. Over the years, he has honed his songwriting skills, with the solo artist making his way into mainstream media with features in publications such as Rolling Out Magazine and Chicago Defenders newspaper. He has been nominated for multiple awards including IRAWMA and the Chicago Music Awards, winning Best Reggae Entertainer of the Year at the 31st annual Chicago Music Awards.


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