Lil Finesser has also created a buzz among fans

Hailing from New York, Lil Finesser started making music when he was 17. Inspired by his own experiences and the will to succeed, the artist takes his music seriously. And though he went through a rough spot he never contemplated quitting as an option.  Lil Finesser initially got into music when he started to freestyle with a few friends back in the day – which he affectionately calls “the good old days”. His most successful songs include the one made with Lil Zan, entitled “Oouu”, and “Sh#t I like”, created alongside Crash Rarri.

Lil Finesser has also created a buzz among fans with tracks like “Drip King” ft. OhTrapStar, “Do It” and “Trenches”. The artist, whose favorite producers are TM88 and Metro Boomin, would also like to collaborate with NLE Choppa. In the meantime he is working on a mixtape and EP which will be dropping soon. His skill for hit-making shines on all of his projects, as he brings simple yet catchy hooks and an effortless swagger to his tracks.

It’s a tricky business to try and predict which artists are going to blow up in any given year. Even if you’re confident that someone’s buzz has reached the level that they can break through the mainstream’s radar ceiling, there are still the dark horses who come from seemingly nowhere to blow up overnight. Lil Finesser could easily be on the latter list. His musical manifestations are as strong as his potential star power.

While everyone wants a piece of the current hip-hop and rap game, in this tough industry, only some have succeeded in accomplishing their lofty claims, while others have missed the mark completely, but Lil Finesser seems to be on pace to reach his goals, and rise to prominence.

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