Smittie Da Hippie – “TFDS 2” – an album that’s truly one-of-a-kind!

“TFDS 2” the latest 21-track album from the artist, producer, and engineer known as Smittie Da Hippie, is a genuinely adventurous and forward-thinking project for the Portsmouth, Virginia born, and College Park, Georgia bred creative. With the foundation of both resonant and reflective content, Smittie Da Hippie tried many different sounds, resulting in a refreshing project. It is not only flawless, but there is a visible learning curve for his artistry, which is promising enough to make him a noteworthy artist for years to come. The fact that the artist was willing to put himself in juxtaposition to a wide range of features, and spend that much time on making an epic album reflects an uncommon self-belief that is the first of many signs of greatness Smittie Da Hippie displays on this record.

The opening song “Sum Mo Sum Mo Sum Mo” ft. Codeyne Yang and the melodic and triumphant “Rite Now” ft. The Wisard, Benjiyagi & Jamil, quickly establish Smittie Da Hippie’s electric presence, talent and pure rapping ability. “Picasso” ft. Hippie S.W.A.Y & Shaggysama, rides in on relentless raps and an exotic reggae-influenced rhythm that will smash through your senses. By the time you hit on the piano-driven, “High Class Street Negus” ft. Wu Da Monstar & Sensei3X, you will be captivated by the varied flavors being heard.

Similar stories may, or may not have been told before, but Smittie Da Hippie tells them with more conviction and authenticity than his predecessors. Not only is it clear that Smittie Da Hippie has already seen more in his life than most were meant to in their entire earthly journey, but he possesses the rare ability to articulate these emotions and experiences in such a palpable way. He creates deeply moving soundscapes and invaluable lyrical perspectives. Track after track, it’s obvious that listeners need to fasten their seatbelts for the wild ride Smittie Da Hippie takes them on.

The rumbling “Eyefull” ft. Blak Lion & Shaggysama, the atmospheric “Red Leather Guts” ft. Jamil & Izzy, and the soulful “Soufside Palace” ft. Blak Lion & Sensei3X presents us with presented with deeply poetic and enticing songwriting at every turn. Lyrical excellence is far from an anomaly on the album, and there are a number of verses with dazzling displays of introspective wordplay. Smittie Da Hippie’s pen is way beyond his independent reach and he’s already doing things that are far beyond the threshold of many artists making millions rapping.

As you move through “Profiteer” ft. Codeyne Yang and Topplyfe K, “Losin No Sleep” ft. Shaggysama, Wu Da Monstar & Jamil, and “Fuck Wit Me” ft. Hippie S.W.A.Y., Wu Da Monstar & Izzy, you’ll realize that Smittie Da Hippie is far from a one trick pony, as the way he delivers his lines is as equally impressive as what the bars actually say. Whether Smittie Da Hippie is relaxed and rapping in a somber tone, or assaulting your ears through an aggressive in-your-face flourish, on each song he consciously picks a different style that fits the track.

Moving forward we encounter “Circles” ft. Cadeyne Yang, “G Thang” ft Sensei3X, “Soufside” ft. C.Green, and “RRRRAAAA” ft. Topplyfe K & Jamil. Throughout the songs, Smittie Da Hippie uses his convincing delivery to disseminate emotions, and an energy that is hard to match. It’s also evident that the production work is top notch and far removed from the reused stock beats doing the rounds on the net. The beats allow Smittie Da Hippie to connect with his lyrics on a deeper level resulting in each song being delivered in a way that makes you believe every word that he raps.

“Mask On” ft. The Wiserd, “In Da Breeze” ft. Blak Lion, Benjiyagi & Codeyne Yang, and “Follow Me” ft. Wu Da Monstar & Codeyne Yang, continue to deliver an eclectic collection of varied deliveries and melodies. Taking style mashing to the extreme, Smittie Da Hippie creates his own lane. Drawing on varied musical influences, and refusing to put himself into any box, Smittie Da Hippie has put together an album that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Closing with “Ascending” ft. InnerG, Mahogany 143 & Izzy, “Let’s Go” ft. The Wiserd, Hippie S.W.A.Y., “A.S.A.P. To Me” ft. InnerG and “Da Most High” ft. InnerG & Wu Da Monstar, Smittie Da Hippie only continues to show off his talents. His lyrical and vocal abilities assert their dominance and flaunt on the competition. Between the stylistic liberties taken and the incredible display of versatility shown, “TFDS 2” is easily one of the best albums to have come out this year. From a struggling early career, to run-ins with law, Smittie Da Hippie is now ready to solidify his place as one of the game’s premier rising stars.


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