Dejhare – ‘Lovescape’ – from bliss to break up, she tells it all!

The EP ‘Lovescape’ displays a heightened version of singer-songwriter Dejhare (pronounced Dei-Jhar). It is not only designed to entice radio and streaming listeners, but also to communicate the artistic statement she aimed to provide with this recording. Overall, this is probably her most sincere and strongest effort in terms of raw artistry. She explores a multitude of sonic characteristics ranging from Pop to EDM, which allows her to continue her musical evolution while simultaneously maintaining her captivating core elements. She has a keen ability to tap into the most emotional moments of love and relationships and reflect them in song. In essence, ‘Lovescape’ defines the journey and stages of a relationship – from the bliss of the beginning to the pain of break up.

Dejhare opens the EP with the bass-driven ‘Light Up’, which also thrives on synth dynamics, shifting from the momentum-pushing percussive grooves to the expansive choruses. Dejhare’s airy voice provides enough high-flying vocal passages to build her own choir. The song aims at elevating the spirits of someone you love and care about during a difficult time in their life, allowing them to relax and find the strength to persevere.

‘Drawn To You’ starts with a slow and warm instrumental shimmer and Dejhare’s effervescent vocal glow, as it steadily transitions to a mid-tempo rhythmic flow. The track crosses focused intensity with an infectious pop sway, as it looks at the intrigue and adoration we reserve for someone we have fallen deeply in love with, and hope to have a long-term relationship with. It allows her vocals to sparkle and shine, as she flexes her experience and leans into her upper register falsetto.

The song ‘Under A Spell’, rides on thick and sweeping synth motifs as it explores the hypnotic power of intense love experienced for a partner despite the difficulties of a distant relationship, and the steadfast conviction that you are meant to be together. The rhythmic lyrical cadence of Dejhare’s delivery sounds more urgent and euphoric. The song throbs with an understated edge, and it’s arguably here where the EP is at its most arresting.

‘Like A Fool’ builds and mounts relentlessly, yet retains a sense of warmth thanks to its subtle percussion and washes of synth and strings. This is something, which adds to the record’s depth and maturity. On top, Dejhare describes the frustration, resentment, and anxiety that comes from being in a toxic one-sided relationship with someone who is selfish, manipulative, and restrictive, as well as the helplessness that comes from wanting, but being unable to exit the relationship despite knowing the harm of staying.

That said, fans will be able to both appreciate, and relish in, the nuance and maturity Dejhare displays here. Indeed, she has consistently proven she’s at her best when she allows her narratives to unfold with heartfelt honesty. Which is exactly what she does on ‘Nobody’, unpacking the deep agony, scars, and trauma of a toxic relationship that lingers and haunts you long after the relationship is over. The production also assists Dejhare in capturing the melodrama of the situation.

The closing track, “Going Solo” , is an uplifting, insightful mid-tempo song that speaks about the numerous feelings and thoughts that come to mind as we leave a failed relationship and attempt to move on with our lives. It’s climactic and serves as a satisfying conclusion to the project. Dejhare turns in fantastic vocal performances across the board, and has never sounded better, while the EP ‘Lovescape’ , reconciles her artistic vision with a powerful commercial viability.

“Lovescape”  leaves no doubt that Dejhare has grown exponentially as a songwriter and performer, offering an introspective and keenly aware examination of relationships, which serve as a compelling narrative in this project.


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