PINKY MUSIC LONDON: THE R&B HUB OF LONDON has gained its strength through signing artists that cut across a wide scope of genres

Rhythm and Blues (R&B) is a genre that has birthed so many of the current music subgenres. In the UK music industry, many artists are today regarded as “pop” artists, but in reality, they are R&B artists.

Tiago Got The Keys

R&B originated in the 1940s. Its name originated from record companies that used to describe recordings marketed predominantly to urban African Americans, at a time when “urbane, rocking, jazz-based music with a heavy, insistent beat” was becoming more popular. Today, there are just a few record labels that have maintained the sauce of R&B. One of the most notable ones is UK’s “Pinky Music London” record label based in NW London.

Pinky Music London is the newest music imprint that has drawn the charm of several music lovers all over the globe through their diversity in talent. Hailing from North West London, the record company has gained its strength amongst other record companies through signing artists that cut across a wide scope of genres. Their strengths lie in genres such as; Afro beats, R&B, Reggae, Dance, Gospel, and Reggaeton, among others.

Pinky Music London has revitalized the sound of R&B with their multiple artists that are signed to or collaborate with the record label. Artists such as; Alex Jo, Patrick Longmore, Pinky The Funky Dread are some of the names from Pinky Music London in the scope of R&B.

R&B as a tangent has been related to genres like Soul and Funk. Pinky Music London artists; Zero Ten & Pinky The Funky Dread have used this relationship in many of their tracks including their latest single “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” which was released under the alias Collusion Cartel.

Alex Jo

Pinky Music London has emerged with the rich and evolved sound of R&B music. Their artists not only deliver the mollified tone of R&B but also serve some of the best hits you can hear today. Singles such as; “Never Give Up” by Alex Jo, “Backstroke” by Producer, writer, & mentor Patrick Longmore, and “Loving You” by Pinky The Funky Dread are just a handful of what the London record label has to offer.

With more talents emerging in London and beyond, the record label is progressively branching out and working with Folk, Grime, Hip-Hop, Afro Beats and Reggaeton creatives, including; RD Millz, artist-producer Tiago Got The Keys and Shi Shi Beats. These collaborations have elevated them to a status where they have become the best at whatever they do. They have also extended a hand to new artists by offering them a chance to record at their studios in London and also performing at “Step Up Live”- a monthly open mic event currently held at The Paradise in Kensal Green by Pinky Music London artist “Patrick Longmore”. The ultimate goal is to get artists featured major radio stations.

Zero Ten

All music and merchandise including Pinky Music London production studio based in NW London are readily available for artists and music enthusiasts who would love to connect with the brand. From £75 per hour, one can use their studio with an engineer for their next music project. All music by Pinky Music London artists is also available for download starting at £1 with exclusive forthcoming mixes from DJs like “Mixmaster P & Cutmaster MC”. Trending Mixmaster P’s “Never Give Up” version will only be available for download on Pinky Music London’s official website. Don’t miss out on the best in R&B music today.

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