John Michael Ferrari – “Paint You A Love Song” – a classic-sounding romantic love song!

The award-winning singer-songwriter, John Michael Ferrari has a clear understanding of what makes his songs work. While he can jump around from pop to rock and Americana flavors, he always sounds keenly natural and complementary regardless of the genre. His tracks are vibrant, the vocals resonant and the hooks are as infectious as you’d expect with a songwriter of his experience. Ferrari provides a multi-faceted approach to his songwriting, crossing genres fluidly, while he wears his heart eternally upon his sleeve. His latest release, the single “Paint You A Love Song”, once again allows his delivery, emotion and lyricism to shine.

“When my friend asked me to sing a song for his wedding, I thought it would be nice to write one for him and his new bride. ‘Paint You a Love Song’ was truly a gift from God,” John Michael Ferrari explains. “Paint You A Love Song” opens to delicate instrumentation that blanket the sonic landscape as Ferrari’s flawless vocals brush across the canvas.

John Michael Ferrari – Photo by Steve Herlihy

“I want to paint you a love song across the sky. Sign it with a rainbow. Dot it with an I. I want to give you this love song. So you won’t forget. I’m the one who loves you. If you haven’t noticed yet,” sings John Michael Ferrari as he unpacks he songs intentions and sentiments. It serves as a delicious reminder of how classic-sounding romantic love songs should be written.

Instead of chasing trends and competing with whippersnappers, John Michael Ferrari has stuck to what he does best, staying in the landscape of adult contemporary where ballads and mid-tempo emotional anthems are at the fore, which also happen to be Ferrari’s absolute forte. Here the singer-songwriter displays his maturity as a composer, delving deep into the joys of romantic love.

“Paint You A Love Song” is beautifully crafted song that is alluring in its sound, thanks also to music producer Pepper Jay, the session players at Larry Beaird Music Group in Nashville and vocalist Tania Hancheroff, who all feature on the recording. Most importantly, this song fits John Michael Ferrari like a glove, which he delivers both masterfully and comfortably.

This song is fueled by the warm musical arrangement, the easy-on-the-ear melody, and the power of love. The sum of which makes a compelling sonic blend. “Paint You A Love Song” is beautifully written and wonderfully constructed and performed. Though it texturally has a core styling, it is not a prisoner to genre. Moreover, romantic love songs usually transcend the borders and boundaries of genre to start with.

John Michael Ferrari paints a gorgeous tapestry that is full of poignantly beautiful imagery, as he intertwines and connects nature with emotion through the lyricism. Sonically, “Paint You A Love Song” has a timeless quality, which underlines Ferrari’s songwriting sensibilities.  The emotion and meaning he can squeeze into a note and a word, is a magical art that few possess in equal measure. The track, “Paint You A Love Song”, which is featured on his album “My Heart Can’t Breathe”, is out now on all streaming platforms.

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