Waterofelegance – “Happy Dance” ft. Young Miller exceeds all expectations!

The biggest and most interesting aspects of “My First Love”, the sophomore single by the artist Waterofelegance, was her sharing the emotional facets of her romanticism, womanhood, and femininity. Values, which are all but lost or twisted into vulgar and demeaning expressions in modern music. Instead, the singer-songwriter, who melded a blend of R&B with Jazz and neo-soul stylings, delivered those values in their purest and most honest forms, as she unfolded the fundamental moments that brought her together with her partner more than 20 years ago. That single, together with her debut track, “Kiss” already set her apart from the pack.

The next step in her career maintained all the promises her talent aspired to, as Waterofelegance dropped more music. This eventually led to her 2022 compilation EP “Love”, which was followed by the single “Beauty Undisguised”. All of which certified that Waterofelegance occupies rarified air. Her music and voice is instantly recognizable due to its dissimilarity to her peers and contemporaries. She exists in a space shared by a handful of eclectic artists. This has allowed Waterofelegance ample room to chase her muse. The result is records that could have been made by nobody else.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Waterofelegance, who discovered her passion for music as young as six years old, now presents her latest single, “Happy Dance” ft. Young Miller, which sees the eclectic artist expand her sound into a blend of Tropical influenced EDM, R&B, Pop and Rap. Again showing us her willingness to be a forward-thinker. If there is any success unique to this track, it’s Waterofelegance merging the vision of her own personal musical world and ours, in a way that feels natural.

“Happy Dance” ft. Young Miller is a different Waterofelegance track. It highlights her ability to transcend her influences, but it also feels like she is inching closer to a breakthrough. This rhythmic hip-swaying track is a song that fully lives up to Waterofelegance’s reputation and ambition. As always, her voice is smooth, airy and elegant, as it floats across the bouncy beat. The skittering percussion and twinkling keys forming a perfect foundation for her stylish performance.

Alongside Waterofelegance, the rapping feature Young Miller drops a cool and calculated verse, his resonant voice permeating the beat with positive vibes. “I know that you want to have fun tonight. Get up out of your seat. I know that you want to have fun tonight. Keep my song on repeat,” sings Waterofelegance in reply to Young Miller’s advice of, “So let’s have fun tonight. No violence no fights, just party and live life.” The track is very explicit about the power of positivity, and the liberation of entertaining yourself, while being your authentic you.

Waterofelegance settles into the sound of “Happy Dance” ft. Young Miller in a way that I was not expecting. In fact, she exceeds all expectations. She is growing and moving her talent in multiple directions. Waterofelegance seems much more assured of who she is as an artist and is not scared of pushing her artistic envelope. Her sound on this track proves it. Waterofelegance’s positivity and sheer, unadulterated life force radiates from this mightily impressive recording.


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