Zandrah Mereborg – “FLOW” – glisteningly warm yet subtly vibrant!

The feeling you get when you listen to the combination of Argentinian songwriter and producer Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos and Swedish singer and lyricist Zandrah Mereborg within that gentle surge of chill synths and ethereal vocals on the single “FLOW” is a sense of powerful bliss. Zandrah is a vocal technician who communicates with deep words and dulcet tones, which overwhelm your senses with their mesmeric execution. Performing between the boundaries of EDM and pop, Zandrah has been able to put out overtly seductive electronic music, thanks mainly to her addictive voice, and the carefully sophisticated production work by Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos.

Right from the opening bars of “FLOW”, Zandrah Mereborg sounds absorbed and pensive, letting ephemeral waves of feeling smoothly circulate around your ears. The sweetness and discovery of love on this track is, as ever, hard-won and transporting, and it comes in the midst of palpable uncertainty. “I have wondered what is real. Parts of me that I’ve concealed. Wondering who to trust,” sings Zandrah, before she uncovers a better reality.

“You have a passion in your eyes. And you don’t fear to step inside. You and I we don’t collide. Beside you there’s gentle flow. Beside you there’s time to grow. Besides you life starts to glow,” sings Zandrah Mereborg, finding the human connection and equilibrium she desires. Her voice and words are transcendent, as it captures and concretizes the transient moments of bliss. The song strikes a more optimistic tone, and Zandrah’s vocals quietly rise to carry those sentiments.

Part of Zandrah Mereborg appeal resides in her ability to package candid, relatable, and often fragile emotions in beats that are glisteningly warm yet subtly vibrant. All are soaked into captivating arrangements that withstand repeated listening. Every time you listen to a track featuring both Zandrah Mereborg and Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos, the word ‘flawless’ instantly jumps to mind.

Remarkably accessible yet truly prismatic, it’s hard to find anything out of place, on any of their recordings, including “FLOW”. Zandrah Mereborg’s songs seem measured to perfection. There is never too little, or too much of anything.

Each note and word is there, carefully placed, for a purpose. It is a testimony to the sonic sensibilities of electronic-driven music when dosed with human emotion. “FLOW” is an accomplished and intriguing record, scaling the highest peaks of Zandrah’s back catalogue.

The joys of this recording are found in the superb production and striking vocals, which drive the poignant narrative. “FLOW” is a track both moving and galvanizing in its overall sonic beauty.

If you listen closely, there is much here to admire and to appreciate. The new single again shows the remarkable talent that Zandrah Mereborg and Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos has to harness the power of melody and the meeting of rhythm and mood to create unique and immediate electro-pop music.

“FLOW” is a thoroughly enjoyable record with moments of absolute brilliance, if you care to find them, otherwise just sit back and let the majestic beauty of Zandrah Mereborg’s vocal tones, flow right through your soul.


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