Uncle Vickie’s Musical Upbringing: Growing Up with Peabo Bryson and a Passion for Music

Vickie Byer, famously known as “Uncle Vickie” to the world, was born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. She was raised by her mother and stepfather alongside her older sister, until her sister moved to live with her father, the 2x Grammy award-winning artist, Peabo Bryson. During her summers, Uncle Vickie would divide her time between Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA. However, as time progressed, her summers were primarily spent in Atlanta with her sister and Peabo Bryson.

Growing up, music was a constant presence in Uncle Vickie’s life. Her aunt taught her how to play the piano, while her uncle trained her to harmonize vocally. Additionally, Uncle Vickie and her sister spent countless hours in the studio listening to Peabo Bryson and his producers create music. Although music was ingrained in her upbringing, Uncle Vickie’s passion for it was genuine, and she began to pursue it further.

In high school, Uncle Vickie sang in the church choir, wrote a play for her drama class, and even won her senior year’s talent show. After graduating, she moved to Atlanta and became a guest rapper with the local rock group, Urban Grind (when she was able to sneak into clubs). However, her music career had to take a back seat when she became a single mother.

Despite her responsibilities, Uncle Vickie continued to nurture her passion for music by learning new instruments and exploring different musical genres. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her wife and is all set to release her highly anticipated new single, “Scream Loud.”

The making of this recording was a unique experience for Uncle Vickie. The studio she was recording in went into foreclosure, and she felt the urge to “SCREAM” due to the circumstances. Thus, the song “Scream Loud” was born, a song that echoes the need for everyone to express themselves about the issues that matter most to them. Released on Feb. 17th, the song promises to be fresh, rocking, and much-needed.

In conclusion, Vickie Byer aka “Uncle Vickie” is an accomplished musician and artist who has overcome challenges to pursue her passion. Her new single, “Scream Loud,” is a testament to her dedication to music and her commitment to expressing oneself. We encourage everyone to listen to the song and support Uncle Vickie’s musical journey.


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