From the Depths of Emotion: Chad Rubin’s ‘Urgency’ Resonates with Raw Authenticity

In the vast realm of music, there are rare gems that possess the ability to stir our deepest emotions and tease our ears. One such luminary is Chad Rubin, a multifaceted singer-songwriter, producer, and virtuoso of multiple instruments. With his extraordinary versatility and raw intensity, Chad captivates audiences, forging a profound connection that resonates long after the final note fades. From the earliest whispers of his musical journey, Chad Rubin displayed an innate connection to the art form.

At the tender age of twelve, he embarked on his path, pounding the drums in various bands, guided by the musical lineage that coursed through his family’s veins. While his early days were marked by rhythm, Chad’s ambitions expanded far beyond mere percussive prowess. His ultimate aspiration was to create an intimate bond with his listeners, sharing experiences and emotions through a tapestry of relatable music.

It was this unyielding devotion to his craft that led Chad Rubin down an unexpected detour into the world of marketing. As a brand manager for an electrical engineering firm, he trod a path that deviated from his true calling.

Yet, the allure of music proved insurmountable, beckoning him back to the sprawling embrace of Los Angeles. Here, Chad immersed himself in the pursuit of his musical dreams, collaborating with accomplished producers and ceaselessly honing his skills.

Chad Rubin’s odyssey boasts remarkable milestones, each a testament to his unwavering dedication. As the musical director of the captivating film “Sweet Sunshine,” Chad showcased his multifaceted talents, not only as an artist but also as an actor and producer, curating a soundtrack that wove seamlessly into the fabric of the narrative.

His live performances, both as a solo artist and with his dynamic band, have enthralled audiences across diverse venues. Beyond the confines of music, Chad has left his mark on the theater and film industry, imprinting his signature style upon various projects.

The COVID-19 pandemic cast a shadow over the world, challenging artists and dampening the spirits of many. Yet, amidst this tempestuous landscape, Chad Rubin remained steadfast in his commitment to music. He unleashed a series of singles, each one a testament to his resilience and unwavering creative spirit.

It was during this period of adversity that Chad embarked on crafting his highly anticipated debut full-length album, “Feels.” Released in 2022 to resounding acclaim, the album attests to Chad Rubin’s undeniable prowess as a songwriter. Within its thirteen tracks, Chad seamlessly fuses a myriad of moods and styles, creating a sonic experience that transcends boundaries.

Melodies of unfathomable allure interlace with sweeping vocal arrangements and vibrant production, serving as the foundation upon which Chad Rubin’s vocal prowess flourishes. His voice, mellifluous and wistful, slices through each musical backdrop with soul-stirring precision, infusing every lyric with profound emotion.

“Feels” immerses listeners in a world where Chad’s artistic vision manifests in both organic minimalism and opulent musical maximalism, resulting in a work of unparalleled beauty. Now, as Chad Rubin takes the stage alongside his electrifying four-piece band, the formidable, The Band Breezy, he unveils his latest endeavor, the resplendent single “Urgency.”

Penned in the wake of his serendipitous encounter with his future wife, Urgency” encapsulates a moment where all else pales in comparison. It stands as a testament to Chad’s ever-evolving artistry, imbuing his songwriting, music, and performance with an additional layer of introspective sophistication.

“Urgency” pulsates with taut arrangements, intricate vocal harmonies, and meticulous production, exemplifying Chad Rubin’s unwavering attention to detail. The song’s underbelly surges forward on the propulsive rhythm of a steadfast drumbeat, while resonant acoustic strums and searing electric-guitar passages weave a gritty tapestry of sound. At the forefront, Chad’s irresistible lead melody soars, leaving an indelible imprint upon the hearts of those who bear witness to its wistful beauty.

In a world where music has the power to transcend boundaries, Chad Rubin stands tall as an emissary of soul-stirring artistry. Through his indomitable spirit and boundless passion, he forges a profound connection with his audience, bridging the gap between artist and listener. As we bask in the glory of his latest creation, “Urgency,” we bear witness to the unwavering brilliance of Chad Rubin, a musical luminary poised to etch his name upon the annals of the industry.


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