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So far this year Melvin Fromm Jr.’s music is gaining a lot of worldwide traction like selling tracks in stock music libraries like Pond5 [Melvin’s music Pond5 music @ that has over 2 million views for January 2024.] and Depositphotos who has been marketing Melvin’s music in email promotion to over 39 million customers weekly worldwide as you can read full story about Melvin’s music on Depositphotos @ Also upon a search of Melvin Fromm Jr. online it has been showing the music sold on the Depositphotos music platform that customers who have purchased Melvin’s music to date gave 4.7 out of 5 stars via Trustpilot.

Melvin’s music that is now being mastered by Grammy-winning studio engineers in 2024, known for their work on several of Taylor Swift’s studio albums was also added to a music industry license pool for the following to use in overhead radio, network tv, global ad agency network, apps, games, and Youtube monetization sites as the music industry license pool has had 5k views to date. You can hear this music by Melvin by going to the Facebook link below and looking for the music streaming site links. Melvin’s music on streaming site Pandora had 8k monthly listeners and the #1 song was “Heart Running To Me” for the month of January 2024.[A huge heartfelt thank you to all for the love and support of Melvin’s music worldwide and the grace and favor of God for opening so many doors in music.]

Melvin’s music also seems to be doing very well on Uk radio station Phoenix FM with many songs on “Rising Stars” as the podcast shows seem to always have thousands of views and 2 “Artist Feature” on UK radio station websites. Melvin’s song “Blessed For Success”, was featured on the 300th episode of ‘Rising Stars’ on Phoenix FM, January 7, 2024 [Read full story about it

@] “Blessed For Success” also hit #1 on top songs for Melvin for the month of Jan. 2024 on Melvin’s iHeart streaming page. “Rising Stars” show #301 Jan. 14, 2024 gave Melvin a special shout out on there podcast website that has been viewed more then 250k times and growing to date and by far the most popular “Rising Stars” radio podcast show ever. [This podcast was also played on Phoenix Fm radio Jan. 14, 2024 10:00pm to 12:00 am Uk time.]

You can view the “Rising Stars” radio podcast show @

Melvin’s song “True Love” that has been said it has a great hook in the song and was specifically worked on was picked for a special Valentine love song podcast “All You Need Is Love” and went live Feb. 3 2024. Hear podcast @ [Melvin’s song is in about the middle of the special Valentine podcast.]

Melvin also has the #1 all-time podcast in 2023 via Indie Talk podcast series that went live June 2 2022 [Melvin’s podcast link @] you can read the full story @

To listen to more of Melvin’s music and catch up on more of Melvin’s music adventures please visit

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