OG OMyth – ‘Certificate of Perseverance’ – completely intoxicating to the ear

Bronx emcee OG OMyth is everything rap needs in a spiritually, socially and politically ailing world. His latest EP ‘Certificate of Perseverance’, released under the moniker [Read More…]

Barefoot McCoy: “Already Flown” – sweet builds that turn into pretty crescendo blowouts!

Barefoot McCoy is an American singer-songwriter, who delivers a unique blend of folk-rock and blues that often resonates with the trials and tribulations of life. Barefoot’s writing also includes [Read More…]

Amadi Jae: “Lonely Nights, Late Mornings” – emotion, power and world-weariness

Born in Westchester, NY, the self-proclaimed “Retrolite” Amada Jae, fell in love with music and the arts at a young age when discovering the cello. [Read More…]

The Static Dynamic: “Late Season” – compelling melodic buildups and emotional climaxes

The Static Dynamic is Jess Collins – (Vocals/Keys), Steph Curran – (Guitar/Programming), Mark Avery – (Bass) and Kyle Burkert – (Drums). Originally formed in 2007 [Read More…]

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins – a cohesive work that delights on many levels

The aural acrobatics of Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins features some of the best examples of daring riffing and acrobatic melody the metal genre has had [Read More…]

“Veni Vedi Vici – Orchestral Compositions By Joey Cutless” – deep in symphonic sound with plenty of dramatic tones

Joey Cutless’ music has been featured on shows like “Making the Band” to “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, plus hundreds of other nation-wide, prime-time, and major [Read More…]

AYK: “It Is What It Is” – experimenting, expanding, and opening himself to his demographic

Andrew Kim better known as AYK is true to himself and consistent; his material is raw and honest, the production is always on point, the [Read More…]

FINN: “Entanglement” – From breezy, jazzy journeys to bluesy pop escapades, this duo are genuine craftsmen

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia FINN (Mark & Luke Finn) has released various singles and albums over the last few years, including last year’s 4-track EP, [Read More…]

Vince Adams: “Rain or Shine” – skilled songwriting, and gutsy, heartrending vocal performances

Vince Adams, an independent singer and songwriter from Los Angeles has released his new album entitled “Rain or Shine” on Feb. 8. Few rock n’ roll songwriters [Read More…]