Missouri Musician and Songwriter, BMG LANDO continues to thrive in the Industry

St. Louis, Missouri –24–year–old local St. Louis musician and songwriter Orlando Rideout, professionally recognized as BMG Lando, continues to make waves through the industry as [Read More…]

yungsasukewiththeblade: “wash.rinse.repeat.” – a dense existential core

Dillon Johnson a.k.a yungsasukewiththeblade (yung sasuke with the blade) is a 20-year-old hip hop artist from the St. Louis area. He started making music to [Read More…]

Nytro: “Some Things Never Change” – rough-riding rhythms and some good chanting choruses

I was a Judas Priest fanatic in the late 70’s and the 80’s but fell away in the 90’s as I didn’t like the direction [Read More…]