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Black Light Burns: “Cruel Melody”

A truly fantastic piece of art that works great as an album cover. The depth of the highlights and shadows makes this painting stand out from the rest, even those that use the latest and “greatest” technology.


MySpace Community

MySpace is a music-focused social network. Users can add friends to their contact lists and send private messages or post messages on one another’s profiles directly. The user’s profile includes an image and as much or as l...


Reverbnation Web Community

Home to Over 2.16 million Musicians, Venues, Labels, and Industry Professionals, Reverbnation is one of the leading music community and marketing websites available on the net. They offer great tools for promoting and sellin...


The Drunksouls Website

The Drunksouls present an interactive website. Where everything is searchable and reached from on page only. This makes for easy surfing.


The Drunksouls – “Revolution”

Founded in 2002, DRUNKSOULS are an indie/reggae French band sonically similar to Manu Chao, Gorillaz and Damian Marley. Their music is a patchwork of influences intended to make you dance as well as think. The Daily Consciousne...


Morrow’s Memory Website

Rock band Morrow’s Memory have their very own website, where you can listen to and download their music. They have free downloads available from their debut album – Moving Forward. The site is a little bit squeeze...



Keith Patterson Band – Stone, Cold And Blue

Since the release of Keith’s debut album Stone Cold & Blue in April of this year, the band has built a loyal fanbase here in the USA & across Europe,the UK, New Zealand & Australia. The band is currently booking s...


Mink feat. Freja – “Hidden Star”

The new Danish electro-pop-rock duo MINK released their first single ”Hidden Star” February 7, 2012, introducing Freja W. on vocals. On HIDDEN STAR, Mink show they know their way around a pop, mid-tempo, chart bubbler arra...


Lunic – “Self-Destruct”

Official music video for Lunic’s new song, Self-Destruct. New album coming summer 2012 Music video directed by Bowie Alexander & produced by Alex Cody, cinematography by Dan Dunn. “Distinctive and sul...


The Planetary Nights – “Today Ain’t Too Late”

Planetary Nights is the musical vehicle of singer-songwriter R.J. McSweeney. The sound and style have evolved over the three albums released on the Planetary Nights label since 2009 and reflect an Americana vibe, dynamic storyl...