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Ray Charles gives us great inspiration for our music. When the “older” Ray Charles sang “America The Beautiful” at a full-to-capacity baseball stadium 9-11 Memorial, his unique rendition went worldwide, right where that song in that amazing baritone had stayed lodged in our American Hearts his entire career.

Quinton Winston
Quinton Winston

The Singer Guy ANDY RAWN “came across” his idea to arrange AMERICA in partnership with HOME ON THE RANGE completely by accident, on leaving a Los Angeles concert he had just performed with both patriotic songs in the same program: “Hey, these two old tunes and a lot of these two lyrics fit together!”

Andy and his Swiss wife started a search for the perfect “cool” outdoor locale to shoot the “New Double Song” (it had to “look like America The Beautiful”) and they found it walking through the Pacific Palisades quiet and wonderfully green Los Liones Canyon. Then came rehearsals with a marvelous & sophisticated black contemporary dancer QUINTON WINSTON.

Basso ANDY RAWN studied opera at L.A. Conservatory of Music, Cal. State Northridge & U.C.L.A, and then began his vocal career by winning an audition to tour 37 U.S. States & Canada as Mephistopheles in Gounod’s Faust, under the auspices of Colombia ArtistsANDY RAWN studied voice with two Super-Stars of the Metropolitan Opera: Baritone RICHARD BONELLI and Tenor FRANCO CORELLI.  BARBRA STREISAND’s Publicist DICK GUTTMAN consulted with ANDY in 2012 re: an opportunity to “Re-Unite Families” by enticing their children to attend American Songbook Tribute Concerts.

Andy Rawn is keen and willing on meeting up with collaborators, fans or would-be clients, so for more info, for an interview, to purchase sheet music, for an on-air live-performance or any music-biz request contact:

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