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Soo Han has an extensive education from Walnut Hill Arts School, New England Conservatory, and New York University (Master’s) in musical studies, composition, and contemporary voice. She has collaborated with accomplished artists and graced important venues. In 2012 she won the NEC Contemporary Ensemble Competition with her piece Hexahedron. Her music was performed at the Composers’ Concert at Walnut Hill School and Tuesday Night New Music, Contemporary Ensemble Concert at NEC, and Longy School of Music’s Pickman Hall.

Soo Han
Soo Han

Soo Han recently released her single (and supporting video) of the song, “Blushing Bride”. Miss Han has a sweet voice which she uses to great effect. She sings with warmth and a twinkle in her eye much of the time on this song, which has real attraction beneath it. As you would expect of a classically trained performer and composer, the music is excellent and the production is pitch-perfect; it’s never overdone and sets off the song with just the right overall sound.

On “Blushing Bride”, Soo Han delivers pure pop, ear candy. Again, what makes this really special is Hans’ lyrics; total tongue in cheek bliss about getting married. She has produced a set of witty, insightful verses which cleverly subvert common attitudes of a marrying couple. All this is set in a singable, toe-tapping song which robs it of offence or any sense of taking herself over-seriously. She’s making good serious points in the best possible way – with tons of humor and charm.

The single cover

Although to some the clever lyrics, rhymes and turns of phrase may at times feel a little too cute, when these things are done right – that is, they appear naturally in the song and are sung earnestly and without trying too hard, they can be like memorable little gems the listener can easily take away with them when the song is over. This is usually what makes a great catchy pop song.

Whenever I’m confronted with the opportunity of a new listening experience, two questions come to mind. “Can I learn anything?” and “Is it fun?” An affirmative to either one of these queries, and I’m in. Rare is the song that will bring both, but this clever little pop song by Soo Han does just that! Add to that her musicianship and you have someone whose music is not only genuinely entertaining but leaves you with something to think about.

Soo Han has a very pretty soothing voice that is all her own and she writes like no other. I’ve really grown to love her sound since hearing “I Don’t Want You Anyway” a few months ago. It’s really not as easy as it may seem for classically trained musicians to get their musical tentacles around feisty pop hooks, but Soo Han does a fine job on “Blushing Bride”!


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