Troy’s single “Coward”, written for bestselling author Jessica Park

Anyone who has heard a preview of his debut recording and has read those lyrics and lived that EP, knows how beautifully and powerfully this man expresses himself. Anytime Troy performs, he puts his heart and soul into the song, and it is heard within his latest single, “Coward”. Notwithstanding the fact that I’ve heard just about all of his stuff, Troy’s vocals, storytelling and lush imagery still astound me.  It is so refreshing to hear new music from an artist that lives life in order to write and perform his art.


The project that launched the song, “Coward”, came about when NY Times bestselling author, Jessica Park, approached Troy about writing an original song for her latest book, Restless Waters, the sequel to Left Drowning (Skyscape, 2013). Jessica had always imagined her lead character, Sabin, a singer-songwriter himself, to have a voice like Troy’s.

On “Coward” Troy once again wears his heart ( or that of the book’s protagonist) on his sleeve and uses a tight yet delicate melody to weave a canvas of personal pain and introspection. It’s what he does best and his songwriting has never been anything less than direct and open. After hearing the track, Jessica Park decided to not only feature this single on every e-book copy sold, but also Troy’s forthcoming EP, When the Lights Came. And I am not surprised.

Troy is an incredibly gifted singer, with arguably the most soulful voice of any upcoming artist on the market these days. Moreover he is an artist who hasn’t just simply set his sights on the pop charts, radio airplay, teen magazine covers and simply take things from there.

"Coward" with "Restless Waters"
“Coward” with “Restless Waters”

Troy is an artist with a vision, a dream of making real music, and an intention of sticking to his ideals. He has done this much, and more, on the upcoming “When the Lights Came” and he has successfully repeated himself on “Coward”. This track is not only beautiful and soulful; it’s touching and emotional as well.

Composer, music producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist – Dante Lattanzi, who is also the CEO and Founder of Caelum Music Production, has been able to build just the right soundscape to comfortably envelop and enhance Troy’s vocal prowess. The pair has created a working synergy that is as close to perfect as it gets.

One listen to “Coward” and you will clearly hear how Troy has raised the bar, setting a new standard for indie male vocal artists. It’s his voice. The range of emotion he makes you feel and remember, as well as understand, what cannot often be described by words alone.

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