This Halloween, October 31, Nic Nassuet will be releasing ‘Throe,’ an EP consisting of four recently discovered horror-punk tracks that were written and recorded nearly fifteen years ago. The collection will also include a new Gothic folk single, ‘Pact,’ which is a tune about selling your soul at the crossroads. First, though, some information on Nassuet…

‘If Edgar Allen Poe was in a band, he’d be in one with Nic Nassuet.’ – Review Fix

Nassuet has been coined the ‘King of Gothic Folk’ by Scallywag Magazine, and the title is probably a very apt one. Earlier this year, Nassuet released an innovative and critically acclaimed record, ‘Eleutherios.’ The award winning singer songwriter’s rise to prominence in the independent community has been a long time coming ever since his debut on the stage, where he initially got to stretch his vocal chops. Soon, though, Nassuet pioneered a style of his own, combining vibrant, dramatic performances with a myriad of influences. Everything from traditional Celtic music to grunge, folk, punk, and blues makes up Nassuet’s unique sound.

‘Yes, this record will appeal to those disciples of Goth, punk, and horror rock, but it will also appeal to fans of folk, Celtic, grunge, punk, and neofolk music. Violins, mandolins, and cellos are not the typical instrumentation of goth rock… but this record is not typical in any sense of the word.’ – Indie Habit on Nassuet’s sound and previous record

That sound has become a staple of Nassuet’s repetoire. The four rediscovered tracks on ‘Throe’ offer a unique glimpse into the early stages of Nassuet’s musical transformation. Combined elegantly with ‘Pact,’ a modern tune in Nassuet’s catalog, the new songs are a dynamic romp through Gothic folk musings perfect for Halloween. The four uncovered gems have also been modernly remastered.

‘His Gothic aesthetics and nocturnal atmospheres allow Nic to explore his sound and extend far beyond the vocals/guitar format that is the staple of the singer songwriter genre. – The Band Camp Diaries

‘Throe’ will be released via Dolor Records to global distribution platforms on October 31. Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and more will receive the record. Fans can connect with Nassuet on his website and all social media below.

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