Urban Pop Star Ms. JenU1 plays several instruments

Originally from Northern California, and residing in LA, Jen Hanson, aka, Ms. JenU1, creates amazing new music, and designs beautiful fashion accessories.  This pretty and prolific, LA  Golden girl of Urban Pop, recently landed an International Recording/Publishing & Distribution deal from worldwide label, Bentley Records, NYC.

Intoxicatingly sweet and soulful vocals, catchy beats and keyboard lines. This girl does it all!  Style at #shopvida, for the cause of literacy,  Streaming on Spotify, as jenhansonjenu1, with several clever Indie albums, available to buy at Amazon Music, this gal continues to deliver, and grow a fan base of loyal music lovers, globally.

Ms. JenU1 plays several instruments, including the cbg diddley bow, electric and acoustic ukulele, synth, piano, organ, and percussion; she makes tight drum beats, sings sweet lead vocals and harmony.  Ms. Hanson writes in a few diverse genres, as well, including:  RnB, hip hop, pop, blues, folk, alt. rock and Americana.

Jen Hanson is a truly blessed and unique talent, with beautiful videos, for you to enjoy!   “In Your Arms “, “Love You So”, “The Power Of Words”, “Change” “Slick”  and  “Butterfly” are just a few of her popular and well-crafted tunes. A fun fact about Jen Hanson is that she is related to two famous writers: C.S. Lewis, and Herman Melville, of Moby Dick fame!  Wow! Creativity is in her DNA!


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