The Shanty Franco multimedia experience is an especially enchanting one!

The stunning beautiful Shanty Franco is promoting her EP, “Mood Make Love” and her brand new single “Ain’t Think About You”.  The Los Angeles-based model, singer, producer, actress, and all-round socialite, is no newcomer to the spotlight clamor. Kicking off her professional modelling career in 2007, Miss Franco has appeared in magazines like Vogue and Maxim, as well as having starred in music videos by Miguel and Jeremih. What’s refreshing about her music, is how it clears a place for Shanty Franco in the realm of forward-thinking pop music while also reaching out to clarify her distinctive position in the up and coming diva pantheon.

Like little else in contemporary pop singing, Shanty’s subtle manipulation of timbre and texture rewards close listening, and the songs frame her performance so well she can move from the electro rhythms of “Your Smell”, and the title track “Mood Make Love”, to the tongue-in-cheek, piano-driven “Merry Juana”.

In between she finds the time to delight fans with the harsher synth motifs of “Son of Bum”, before switching to the spontaneous jangly guitar riffs and vocal teasing of “I Love You”. All throughout Shanty Franco’s artistic compass and sense of self-awareness is in excellent shape.

The slow burner, “Ain’t Think About You” feels natural and never contrived in any form. Never is there a sense that Shanty Franco has reached or dipped into a style which doesn’t suit her. She just climbs on the track and runs with it. It gives her sound an impulsive and impromptu feel. It’s almost like free-styling.

While every other pop song on mainstream radio is laced, layered and harmonized to the hilt, Shanty has cultivated an aphrodisiac sound on “Ain’t Think About You”  that adds color and dimension to the track in a way that only somebody as artistically liberated as she could.

Shanty sounds great, weaving in and out of the beat and staying on top of it in a way few other singers would. There is a vocal integrity and rawness which comes from Shanty’s vocals that doesn’t require an orthodox performance style to make an impression.

Shanty Franco is to be commended for putting together tracks that are full of musical forthrightness, which deliver an alternative pop and electronic style that very few artists manage to showcase with the same unpretentious spontaneity she is able to forge.

On “Mood Make Love”, as well as her latest single, “Ain’t Think About You”,   Shanty Franco sounds like she is having a great time recording these eclectic offerings and is more than happy to welcome you into her musical vision. She’s a feast for the eyes and the ears, which makes the Shanty Franco multimedia experience an especially enchanting one.

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