Afro-pop singer Peter Okoye, a former member of the famous duo group P-Square, teams up with upcoming singer Simi for a new take on the Zombie concept. In the video, Peter, also known as Mr. P, describes how his new lover has turned him into a Zombie because his love for her is controlling every aspect of his life.

Zombie takes its listener on an exciting mange of Afro-beats and R&B rhythms. Both artists give a good account of themselves vocally in this love song which we are sure everyone will enjoy. The song is produced by P-Classic producer Daihardbeats.

Having already garnished impressive views on Youtube, Zombie has a mellow chilled out vibe to it. The music video starts off with Mr P driving a Dodge sports car down what looks like a desert road. The song features acoustic guitars, Afro-beat style percussion, then later met by a choir type accompaniment, after finally being joined by a lead female vocalist (Simi).

About three quarters way in, the song breaks out into an impressive guitar solo, however, there’s nice acoustic fills throughout the track. The video finished on a beach scene, with Mr P’s backing singers all present singing too – This creates a great feel-good atmosphere.

This latest offering from the Nigerian born artist is just one of many songs he has released. Being active over 10 years, we first saw the artist appear with his debut album ‘Get Squared’ back in 2005. Other songs we have seen this year is Ebeano and Wokie Wokie. You can find more out about Peter Okoye here:

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