Khady Thiam Gueye – finding success through True Media Independence (TMI)

The ability to market your music is an essential skill. Without properly promoting yourself or your music, no one would know you even make music. Regardless of status or stature, administration is a great equalizer of all businesses. If you want exposure, you have to put in the time for marketing - that or hire it out. Independent artists have more opportunities than ever before to launch their own career without the backing of the major labels. Hiring a professional PR executive to handle your campaign is generally the best way to get great coverage.

Khady Thiam Gueye
Khady Thiam Gueye

You might prefer the DIY approach to promoting your music, but there can be huge benefits to surrounding yourself with a great team of like-minded professional people. If you have a team of well-connected individuals who are passionate about your music all working in your interest, it stands to reason that your chances of success will increase.

Moreover, by outsourcing your promotion and branding needs to somebody who better understands the specific processes necessary to help you gain exposure, you’ll have the time to concentrate on doing what you initially set out to do – and that is making the best music you can!

One such well-connected and passionate individual, is Khady Thiam Gueye, the founder of True Media Independence (TMI). Her company acts as a music consultant company propelled to provide the necessary know-how and empowerment to build a successful music career for musicians and labels. They drive priority projects to success through adequate and effective services.

Khady Thiam Gueye has over ten years of experience and strong histories of success as a music industry consultant with clients including AKON. The efforts that TMI is making today are a direct continuation of her legacy.

Keep up with the latest news on Khady on INSTAGRAM and visit True Media Independence (TMI) to check out their services. With the right strategy in place, music promotion and branding is often the solution for musicians who seek to the power to lift themselves out of obscurity.

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