Hayley Gia Hughes – “Downfall” presents a very talented young woman

Australian singer, songwriter and actress, Hayley Gia Hughes, is a multi-talented entertainer who has completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Charles Sturt University. I only started listening to Hayley a few days ago, but, I must say that I am very impressed. Her artistic background is made evident in her tracks, and, her take of indie pop music is anything but commonplace, mainstream or cookie cutter. This amazing young lady, came to the craft with her critically acclaimed debut single, “Invisible”, combines her love of contemporary, more eclectic styles in her vocals and organic piano and acoustic guitar riffs, along with seamless airy vocals. Hughes’ lyrics are as distinctive as her melodies. They run the gambit of everything from her personal introspective observations to her frank perception of life.

Hayley Gia Hughes voice vibrates with energy, beauty, and youth. And it’s the first thing you notice about her music. She has such a refreshing sound compared to the more popular pop singers. I suppose in order to understand Hayley you need to understand that she is  who truly enjoys making music and singing.

Her songs capture her love of life in all its facets – both the good and the bad. As the self-descriptive title explains, “Invisible” captured Hayley’s feeling of seeming imperceptible, impalpable and quite possibly obscured in her efforts to break through.

The vocals and instrumental has a unique sound, articulation and timing, on “Invisible”, which cuts to the heart without being melodramatic in any way. Hayley sings and plays with such flair and artistry. And she does it all meticulously and beautifully. She impresses me as being intelligent and focused with her creative use of voice and lyrics.

I can’t stand singer-songwriters who spill their emotions with clichéd, predictable, heavy-handed, and dull arrangements. Instead Hayley Gia Hughes’ original vocal style, hooks, and lightweight brand of indie pop makes me excited about the genre again.

Hayley Gia Hughes writes, plays and sings her music with a provocative approach that ranges from great to awesome. And her latest single, “Downfall”, is awesome. It helps to follow her lyrics too, and not to simply be captivated by her breathy vocals.

Hayley evidently writes from a stream-of-consciousness, expressing thoughts that come to many of our minds but are seldom set to music. “The only downfall is why can’t you accept me. The only downfall is being who you pretend to be. But you never know when the day might come to be where you belong. Don’t make your downfall be all you got.”

Hayley’s allusion, to not focusing on past pain or struggles, which will hold you back by casting untold pressures on your mindset, is clear. However, at the same time she understands that it is very hard for the human mind to do so.

She plays with her voice until it, and her accompanying instruments, create a mood, an emotion, and an aural ambience that sends the song’s message out to you. It’s so rare to hear a truly original soul, who isn’t prepackaged and tied with a pretty bow by media moguls.

“Downfall” is poignant and melodic, yet at the same time, raw and visceral, as Hayley carefully juxtaposes her reverberating voice with the strummed acoustic guitars. The meditative, and yet spritely track, weaves a beautiful tale. Hopeful and radiant, in the face of dark adversity, “Downfall” is the most fascinating track we’ve heard from Hayley Gia Hughes yet.


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