Japanese Singer Yukiya Endo Releases “Deep Blue” Song & Video!

“Deep Blue” the song and video by Yukiya Endo, is the love story between a being from the sea and a girl met at the aquarium. He however later discovers that she had eyes not for him but for the world extending behind the glass, and ends heartbroken, his first love being also his last love.

About Yukiya Endo:
Born: August 1 / Origin: Philippines / Blood type: unknown
Height: 180㎝ / Weight: 73㎏ / Shoe size: 28 (Japan)
Hobbies: novels, games / Special skills: BreakDance, improvisation freestyle

In September 2014, Yukiya Endo performed at Mesellba Grand Prix, where about 120 people participated. He stayed in the top three every month for a year, and was noticed by a producer. On July 20, 2016, he made his major debut as a leader in the Enka Kayo Dance vocal group “Zanpa” while putting aside his solo activity.

While doing 20 to 30 lives a month, he has created and stored 3 to 5 original songs each month for himself, and also made songs for young singers and juniors. On March 18, 2018, he announced his withdrawal at Zanpa Oneman LIVE in the 500-person hall, and restarted his solo activity on August 4, 2018.

Connect with Yukiya Endo at his WEBSITE which is currently in Japanese, with an English version coming soon!

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