Oliver von K releases ambient guitar instrumental – “Ayinka V”

As the new single from 35 Year old male hobby guitarist from Switzerland,  Oliver von K, “Ayinka V” is a recording full of sweet emotionally charged moments, of quiet subtlety, emphatic life affirming melodies and sprinklings of musical flare. Bursting with fresh ideas and rhythmic vigor, this record is a highlight of the instrumental ambient guitar genre itself.

Oliver von K

If you’re like me and have crippling anxiety and it takes a lot for you to find your zen, this is the track for you. Put on your headphones and let this be the background of your day and you will be so thankful you did. Forget classical or new age meditation music. Who needs chanting when there is sweet ambient guitar music that will help you reach the same ethereal mental state?

With the release of “Ayinka V”, Oliver von K has created a work that showcases a perfect understanding of atmosphere and dynamics spread across a mesmerizing track. With an unusually concise playing time for the instrumental genre, the track never allows ideas to become stale and labored allowing Oliver von K to express himself both musically and emotionally within an accessible song length.

Subtlety is one of the track’s biggest strengths as despite the discreet layers of instruments nothing is ever overbearing and obnoxious, leaving the guitar plenty of space to paint the sonic canvas. The way “Ayinka V” has such a tight grip on your emotions is what makes this type of music truly great, as it goes to and fro between a propelling driving jaunt and a spaced out relaxed vibe.

The underbelly of “Ayinka V” is carried along by big drums, a resonating bass, and lovely warm keyboard tones. The guitar shimmers and echoes within the floating space, its weightlessness drawing you into contemplation. Oliver von K has crafted a record that speaks to an audience without words.

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